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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by smudgersmith, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Hello Arrsers i am after some AGC advice please,

    I have been posted from BFG to UK and put in a travel claim for driving my car and for the ferry ticket which has today been rejected. I have been asked to submit a copy of my insurance stating that i have business cove(?) My policy (comp) is for social domestic and commuting- my question is do i need business insurance to claim when i have been relocated due to service or will my current cover suffice.

    I am not sure which JSP or publications would be the correct place to start so all help is greatly recieved.

    Many thanks

  2. Smudger its does state in JSP 752 that you do require Business insurance, but if your RAO enforces it - he is a pumper and after an MBE....
  3. Smudger the requirement for Business Cover has been in force for at least 4 years that I can remember.

    Think it is in JSP 752 although I know in my place we have a repeat that goes on Part Ones every once in a while.

    Some insurance companies will actually add the cover on for free if you don't already have it. Best to check with your insurance company - now if they would be willing to backdate it?

  4. Why would they be a pumper? The rules are quite clear. If you were claiming for a journey and didn't have business insurance you would be driving illegally as you don't have the required insurance.
  5. SDP should cover a journey between postings as you are in effect moving house - falls under the Domestic part of SDP I would have thought.

    If you were claiming for a journey between x base and y base to attend a meeting then that would be a different matter.

    The army will happily bum you out of expenses you are entitled to through apathy and not being arsed to help. On the other hand they will chase you to the end of the earth for 43p of public debt.

    Don't quote me on the top part, but I am pretty sure the last paragraph is accurate!
  6. The Army as you know operates on rules. Those rules state that you need business insurance to claim. If someone is unwilling to ensure they have the required insurance they are not able to claim.

    Most compnaies will add business insurance for free or a minimal cost.
  7. i was caught out myself with this one, you live and learn. the that bothered me about it is that since it was a move due to posting the army would have to pay if i decided to take the train. i cant help but think that the rule was brought in to discourage claiming since there are a lot of youngsters that simply cant be bothered changing their policy.
  8. oldbaldy

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    This rule has been there for at least the last 25 years!
  9. OB,

    I'll see your 25 years and raise to 30!!

  10. oldbaldy

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    I did say, 'at least' :D :D
  11. I just found this post through a Google search, it's worth pointing out that @asr1 is correct:

    Insurance Cover. A Service person who uses their private motor vehicle for authorised duty journeys must ensure an F/MT 102 has been completed and that the private motor vehicle is insured for business use, has valid Road Tax and a current MoT, and that all are valid on the date the duty journey is undertaken. However, Service personnel using their private motor vehicle for a permanent assignment (or mid-assignment) move are to check with their insurance company that a move to their new accommodation is covered under Social, Domestic and Pleasure usage.​
  12. You must have put a lot of thought into that Google search - more than seven years worth!
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