Travel Charges (AUDIT RECOVERY)

On my latest pay statement, i've been deducted for £20 which the statement says is for Travel Charges (Audit Recovery). Now as i've yet to claim a travel charge on JPA, i spoke to my admin office. They tell me that it is JPA claiming money back for a claim paid out before JPA came into effect, and they know nothing about it. I should think myself lucky as some people had been pinged for £200. They then told me to submit a request through JPA to have it looked at. £20 being £20, i submitted my e-form through JPA, which promptly chibbed me off and told me to take it up with my pay office. Basically back to square one
Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone else found an answer to this? Surely trying to get back something from over 5 years ago isn't strictly kosher? Is it JPA trying to blag people? Wouldn't surprise me in this current climate!

This has been discussed somewhere else here. Basically, loads of deductions for various things (mainly Dental Fees, lost Library Books etc) that you would have signed for back in 06/07 were never deducted form your pay. SPVA have just found out and everyone had the money taken out in Oct's pay. Some of the descriptions (in your case Travel Expenses) don't really give a true idea what the original charge was for. You can put up the normal refusal to pay etc, however as far as I am aware, no one has yet proven that they have already paid for the charge which was raised.

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