Travel by car, to Belgium (Mons)

I start a contact in SHAPE on Monday 14th of May, after taking the decision to drive across on the Sunday, is the chunnel the best way to go, or are there better ways of getting there? Im driving over from the Wirral and looking at leaving early(ish) Sunday morning.
Any info most appreciated
If you're doing a long run, you may want to use the channel as an opportunity for a break/leg-stretch.

As you're hitting Belgium, you may want to consider the Norfolk Line service from Dover to Dunkirk. It's a slightly slower route than Calais but is that much nearer to Mons.

Ooriginally the service was HGV only, and new big boats have no coach parties with hordes of schoolgirls. This last, of course, is a disadvantage if you're into speculating how many pierced labia on each coach. An old travel game of mine, I'll admit.

Don't forget that, when in Mons it is good luck to rub your hand over any metal statue's breasts. If you're not sure if they're metal, just squeeze first.
I would have thought Hull to Zeebrugge best for you mate. It's half the distance to London or Dover and it's closer to Mons when you get to the other side. Plus the traffic will be lighter.
Cheers, checked out the hull ferry but only gets in at 0830 so would have to spend the whole day sunday there, or be late. Decided on going on the chunnel as havent done it before

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