Travel (and council tax) concessions for veterans

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by rockape34, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. I have written the following to my Assembly Member
    and similar to my MP asking him to bring these to the attention of HoC in general and to ask the Defence Minister/Minister for Veterans in particular to extend these concessions to England (The Scots are already working on it :) )

    I have received a reply from my AM who has passed the letter and attachments onto the Deputy First Mininster (the minister responsible for such matters) for action (no reply yet from my MP.

    If you think this is a worthy project, would you please write to your respective MPs (and AMs/MSPs as appropriate) on similar lines.
  2. The council tax cut by Glasgow City council is not supported by the Scottish Parliament - the council is having to absorb the costs itself - its why Renfrewshire council (where Erskine is based) is still debating whether or not to totally disregard the war pension rather than just the first £10.

    As for the bus pass - its currently free to anyone over 60, or in receipt of high rate mobility of disability living allowance or if you have been refused a driving license on medical grounds. The SNP administration were debating revoking the free travel for pensioners & disabled till the media got hold of it and they put their plans on hold.

    Its the same old story just because you don't consider yourself disabled doesn't mean you won't get disability living allowance. if you have any mobility or care needs and are under 65 you should check it out & when you are refused at the first stage appeal the decision. something like 80% of appeals are won.