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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonny36, Jan 16, 2008.

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  1. I drive around 70 odd miles to drill night, how much do the army pay per mile of travel?

    I have not yet been payed.

  2. I take it you have approval to drive this sort of distance? ISTR that I had a long wait for approval to drive the 30-odd miles from Chingford to Chelmsford as there is a distance limit somewhere in the rules.
  3. Well I am not going to tab.
  4. I was told that it was about 60 miles limit, maybe 65, and you get about 29p per mile
  5. JSP 752 says max of 50 miles per single journey unless in certain circumstances.

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post it here? Even though its probably freely available
  6. I can't download any of the PDF files - how much per mile is it ?
  7. methinks there are ways around it, mine's 81 one way! I ge paid for it so don't question how its done, I'm not the only one at the unit who travels that far either.
    We must come under the 'certain circumstances'
  8. I never had problems at my old unit, their were several of us going from Sqn in Leeds to Troop in Hull and visa versa
  9. I do 110 mile round trip to the TA centre and get £29 pounds ish. I used to get a few quid extra untill it was capped last year.
  10. Can't remember off the top of my head, but something like specialist units / on authority from CO/Bde / CFAV etc etc. But its not meant to be the norm
  11. Or better still, why don't you do your drill all the way down there then all the way back. You get to practice the same amount as a real soldier would in a year, plus you get to save on petrol. Perfect!
  12. So JPA doesn't represent the miles I travel - how can I change that and how can i get it back dated?
  13. Go visit the RAO :]
  14. That will be us then, no mileage no recruits trained, as no one else wants the job!