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Discussion in 'Travel' started by Speedy, Jun 15, 2012.

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  1. I'm on a business trip next week and due to some faffage (v. to faff), I can no longer fly direct. I'm now flying on one BA booking from Heathrow - New York (JFK) with BA then JFK - San Diego with American Airlines. All of these are on the one booking with BA with AA being a partner airline. What I need to know is if anyone has done a similar thing and whether I will need to pick up my bags at JFK and re-check them, or if they will meet me in San Diego. I know (from past experience) I shall have to go through immigration at JFK as point-of-entry to get on the AA domestic flight, but I'd just like to get it clear what I have to do as there is 2 hours between connections and I don't want to end up in San Diego with no bags, or be at JFK with bags but miss the connection due to messing around.
    Any help?
  2. AIUI, you will have to clear customs and immigration at JFK as this is your point of entry into USA. This means picking up your bag and taking it through customs EVEN IF it has been checked through to your final destination. Then hand it in again.

    Check this with BA at LHR but you must NOT assume that they have the correct answer, regardless of how confident they sound. Check again with a BA or AA rep at JFK who will know the definitive answer.

    I have experienced this myself within the last 24 hrs on BA/AA on an international-to-international transfer in the US. Bon voyage!

  3. CplFoodspoiler

    CplFoodspoiler War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yup. Septics insist you pass through as if you just walked in off the street. Mrs F and I did Fiji - LAX - LHR and had to do the whole thing. Even thought the Border Security was looking at our flight details and had already asked about our onward flight, he still said 'What is your purpose for visiting and how long are you staying'. Having had experience of these dour, humourless functionaries in the past I answered concisely and politely.
    Customs were good though. They began to fuss about some toiletries, bought duty free in Fiji, and still security sealed. After a conflab it was smiles and 'have a nice day'.

    Have a good trip!
  4. Sack the person who booked you on BA, they are truly shit.
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  5. As per previous posters, you need to pick up your bags from baggage claim and get them re-checked for your next flight. It's all straightforward, if a bit pointless.
  6. Why JFK? God! I'd much rather fly into EWR and take the train from there. If I REALLY want to make it easy (and someone else was paying) I would take the LCY-JFK. You clear customs at SNN, it become a domestic from there. Land at domestic terminal and avoid all the lines.
  7. Dont even think about joking with the gormless idiots in homeland security as they are usually hugely overweight African Americans of limited unelligence and power mad
  8. You can clear customs and immigration at various CBP outside the U.S. actually - Canada, Ireland, The Caribbean..come to my mind.
  9. Cutaway

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    American Airlines ?
    Just keep them the fcuk away from tall buildings.