Travel Accom RESPOD and Hotels

I start my new job on 8 Aug. The house I am taking over is empty from 4 Aug, but DHE will not allow me to move in until 19 Aug (to allow them to clean it).
They have suggested that I commute as there is no nearby mess or single accommodation available. This will be about 2hrs each way, and during my handover period the work hours are 8 til 8ish, depending on places being visited.
I would like to stay in a nearby hotel within walking distance for two weeks and then move, so that I can concentrate on the job. The wife, who is 35 weeks pregnant, will move to the mother in laws until the new house is available.
Is this an unreasonable request? I have tried getting DHE to allow an earlier move in, but rules are rules it seems. Any other advice please?
We love mind-stretchers like this at Doctrinus Towers. She-who-must-be-obeyed is looking through the books as we speak...although early indications are not good...lots of mutterings along the lines of 'hotel 1 day this side, 3 days the other side' keep drifting downstairs to me....wait out. :D

You cannot commute more than 50 miles. End of story. Get your map out, find out how far your journey is, and if it exceeds this, let me know!

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