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Once again I lay myself at the mercy of ARRSEr's counsel & wisdom.

A while back I was abroad and lost my passport. A bit of an inconvenience, but a quick visit to the British Embassy and parting with some cash quickly saw me issued an Emergency Travel Document.

On returning home I filed an insurance claim, as loss of passport was covered.

However at the time I only reported it to the Consul as per the insurance instructions. They have sent my application back asking for two things:

Confirmations of how long you had left to run on your passport - how do I find this out given the passport was lost?!

The original police report issued - as the passport was lost, there was no crime and I did not report it to the police!

Now I expect some incoming for losing it and not reporting it to the police - but because of this fact are the insurers just looking for a reason not to pay out?
BG, why not write to the insurers and tell them what you just told us!
You can still get a loss number from the police. They will normally dick you about and tell you to call the station where you lost it. If you are still serving, try calling the RMPs. I imagine the documentation from the embassy may suffice in lieu..... Try calling the passport office for confirmation, they will have dealt with this situation once or twice before, I imagine.....
I have written to the insurance company explaining exactly that (in even more detail!) yet they still ask for this information.

Will try the passport office!
Some insurance companies will try anything to avoid paying out. If they keep buggering you about write to the FSA.
The FSA will tell you to bugger off: nothing to do with them (unless you have information about your insurance company money laundering or other naughtiness). Go to the Ombudsman: how to complain – the first steps

[h=2]1. complain to your bank, insurance company or finance firm[/h]It's important that you complain first to the business you're unhappy with – and give them a chance to look into your problem. They have eight weeks to do this. We can help by contacting the business for you, and telling them about your complaint.
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