Traumatised troops get payout pittance after Afghanistan

From The Sunday Times
November 15, 2009
Traumatised troops get payout pittance after Afghanistan and Iraq

Steven Swinford

Soldiers whose lives have been shattered by the trauma of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are being given as little as £3,000 compensation after their medical discharge.

One victim, who saw his friend’s throat ripped out by a bomb blast, said he would have been better off if he was unemployed and on benefits. Another accused ministers of washing their hands of mentally ill servicemen and women.

Since November 2005 the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has paid 155 mentally traumatised soldiers, who experience delusions, hallucinations, flashbacks and severe depression, an average of just under £6,000, according to official figures. Four others received payments above £9,075.

Sir John Major, the former prime minister, is so concerned by the low payouts that he has written to Gordon Brown to object in what aides describe as “the strongest possible terms”.

Charities, senior military and legal figures last week demanded changes to the compensation system in submissions to a government review.

The review was launched in August after disclosures by The Sunday Times that Bob Ainsworth, the defence secretary, was trying to cut compensation payouts through the courts
I wonder if Phil Shiner would work for us?

You must read Arrse Phil - would you???
Ooo an Outrage thread. I shall watch patiently!
Setup a petition on the number Downing street website and see if it get removed and report it to the press??


Whats new!! ------ Debt of gratitude my arrse.
This Bull that the Government use is just a myth to dupe the public.
This thread says it all.

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