Trauma and orthopaedic surgery training posts

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by medic-matt, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,
    It isn't that far off until I need to formally apply for specialist training and ideally I would like to do trauma and orthopaedics.
    Would I be correct in saying that I would apply to the B'ham deanery (including the NHS applicants) or a defence medical deanery?
    In addition to the standard courses one can complete (ATLS, Basic surgical skills course, hopefully an audit of some sort) can anyone suggest anything else that could help to increase my chances?
    Does anyone have any contact details of an orthopaedic consultant or trainee so I could send them a quick e-mail, if my questions can't be answered here?

    thanks in advance,
    And (all be it early) Merry xmas.