Trashing the Human Rights law ............possibly

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grubby Bum III, Feb 12, 2012.

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  1. It wont work. We need to leave the EU before it can happen. And that wont happen if you continue to vote Tory/Labour/Lib Dem.
  2. Agreed, WolvoExPunk, but it'll be interesting to see how the pilloried judge handles it!
  3. long as we are in the EU, human rights, gay rights, black rights, brown rights, prisoner rights, woman rights and any other mongaloidal rights and crap shite that degenerates our country will prevail. The sooner we are out of the EU the better.
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  4. Nothing to do with the E.U! All to do with the Human rights as laid down by the UN and has been built on as it has progressed.
    As with most rules they are open to interpretation by Judges and their peers. Follow the link below and read what it states. All UN countries have the same i.e a court of human rights. The trouble is as I said above the way things are interpreted!

    BBC News - Profile: European Court of Human Rights
  5. Without rights slave labour is perfectly legal. Which is why we don't have slavery in the UK. Whoops what am I saying slavery has just been introduced by Camms & his inbreed bunch called (loosely) the government whereby unemployed claimants now get to work for squat-diddly whilst they trained. Sainsburys were using their share of the slaves to teach them how to stck shelves. This is a can, note this can is round but be careful as some cans are not round. Points to note as you pick you can up and put it on the shelf. Well you get the idea.
    On the plus side of this is that their cash-strapped share holders can get a better fair share of the profits that Sainsburys make, which was depressed to a mere 2billion this year, coz they have to pay the staff that don't won't work for nothing
    Good old dick-head Camms I new he could get us out of the economic down turn, shame they won't have any money to spend to get us out of the mess.
  6. Ah, a liberal waster then? In my opinion, I am quite happy to see unemployment claimants doing something for all the money they get. Why allow people to spend years and years claiming money and not bothering to get off their arrses?

    Human rights are needed, but it has been ridiculous for a while. We see illigal immigrants allowed to stay in the country because they have a cat and so many other ridiculous things. Common sense has taken a dive and Human rights PC whallahs are ruining the country with their shit.
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  7. I do believe that they are being paid! Just not a wage by a company as you see it, just their handouts from the taxes of the people who do work for a living. Seems fair to me... you want money, then bloody well work for it and stop scrounging off the state!
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  8. So massive multi national companies are getting free labour, allowing them to sack the shelf stackers they were stupid enough to be paying, putting more people out of work, creating more of a labour pool that can be farmed out to huge companies?

    I don't have a problem with long term doleites being made to work for their benefits, it shouldn't be for the likes of Tescos though.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    Congratulations on a first class wibble.

    What do you believe should be done for these people whole have been failed by state education (driven by Labour and the Unions), failed by our social system (driven by Labour and the Unions) and are now stuck in a situation where they are challenged by an influx of better trained foreign workers with a superior work ethic and a willingness to work for less (thanks to Labour's uncontrolled immigration policy) and where there is little money for significant infrastructure investment because Labour used unsustainable deficit financing to buy three elections and create a payroll vote?
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  10. But the majority of claimants for unemployment benefits have paid for their money through their NI contributions. So it's their money being paid back them, as NI in hypothecated, which means that it isn't just another tax, but an insurance policy which pays out when you are unemployed.
    Think of it like this, you insure your car fully comp, it gets trashed, and the insurance company won't pay out. Pissed of or what.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I agree with that - only we won't be able to find the records of who lobbied for what and when because Tony Blair destroyed that level of record-keeping. I bet smaller shop-keepers won't get a look in at this particular labour pool and certain civil servants will find a lucrative second career in retail after they retire.
  12. Could use a few round here to clear the snow off the pavements Like bloody skating rinks.
  13. I think that the 4th richest country in the world, should tax the bankers who stole the money which got us in this mess and use that money to fund proper apprentiships. Any tax shortfall should be recovered by as many new taxes as is needed to do the job properly.
    Let's try not to forget, that these same people are those we will be looking to to look after us, pay our pensions when we get old. Worth the investment I say
  14. Tescos et al pay taxes the same as I do! So in effect they are paying wages indirectly! As a shareholder I'm quite happy with my returns on my investment, they pay for my annual swaree to warmer climes!