Trashing the bog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatrutar, May 18, 2011.

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  1. If I get shit service at shop or fast food outlet rather than take the
    obvious step of smacking the spotty cunt in the mouth and being
    caught on cctv, I trash their bogs in the most bastardly way I can.

    I go into the cubicle and unwind the bog roll about 3 foot. I then piss
    all over the place including the flush button. Finally I piss on the unwound
    shit paper and then carefully wind it back up.

    I then wash my hands and leave,happy in the knowledge that I am still
    a total cunt and that the spotty little fucker who gobbed off before
    will most likely have to use the bog himself or have to clean it up.:evil:
  2. How nice for the other customers and the poor girl who cleans the bogs and has nothing whatsoever to do with the poor service you recieved at the food counter.

    You sir are absolutely correct about one thing - you are a total cnut!
  3. You catch on fast. You don't work at Mcdonalds do you?
  4. In what ways does that differ from how any other Australian uses the lavatory?
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  5. Somedays I wish I did. At least then the treat of redundancy would not be hanging over me. I would also probably be a lot less old!
  6. Well done you. When you become a republic I shall wipe a tear from my eye and think of you.
  7. He failed to suck a tramp off?
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  8. Whatever floats your boat princess.:)
  9. You haven't tried asking for the manager? Or telling the offender why the service provided is not up to scratch?

    Ever seen the motto, 'If you're pleased with the service, tell your friends, if you're not tell us'

    Flinging your bodily waste around in secret like a demented chimp makes me suspect the reason you don't smack 'the spotty cunt' is because CCTV footage of you being decked by the spotty cunt would be on you tube in seconds few, and your hard man reputation would be right up there with Mike Golden, and Shortt.

    Oh and you are a cowardly cunt.
  10. That's cool it really creased me up, are you 13?

  11. Settle petal you'll have a stroke.
  12. 15 judging by the Sig block.
  13. I must admit to doing this once. A pub in CamberleyTown Centre put up a BIG sign outside the entrance that read: "Out of Bounds to HM Forces". So to take revenge the toilets were sorted as above.
  14. You could always just throw your Teddy out of the pram, just like any other fkin delinquent
  15. Bollocks! If you'd ever been to a Camberley Boozer, you'd know that trashing their shitters is impossible.

    However and more to the point, if you'd ever served then you'd know why (and by whom) pubs are put OOB.