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Discussion in 'US' started by U.S.M.C, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Is there no members of ADMIN on duty here?.
    Reading your R&R i was under the impression that all the disgusting talk was supposed to be kept in the N.A.F.F.I?
    If this is correct how is it that my post OORAH as been attacked by trash.
    Its obvious that the moderators cant do the job.
    So how come these members are allowed to get away with it.
    im currently on active service with some of your better forces .
    even they are laughing at the shit whats going on in your forum.

  2. Its called taking the pi55, and having a sense of humour!

    Are you from the bible belt? or a mormon?


    Are you a clerk/storeman?
  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That's not trash talk, its just the charming light hearted banter that makes us the most amicable dinner party guests you will ever have.
  4. Oh suck it up princess. The vitriolic content of our replies is proportional to the mongness of your posts. Post good stuff, good stuff gets written back. Write bad stuff and we'll start talking about your daughter's peach. What's it to be cowboy, good karma or bad karma f*cktard?
  5. I will answer your post .
    This is above banter im sat here with a couple of your s.f men.They are even disgusted at the mouths of these guys especially Jonno.
    I cant disclose my location but we have 3 days r@r just kicking back.
    Before we go back out,But man do you guys talk trash were here to find some ex-Blackwater and some comrades that just returned home.
    All you have done is try to Trash the posts.
    A formal complaint has been logged,all pages and comments copied and tracked to hd.
    We will await the outcome before our slime boys go further.
    You all need to read the forum rules.
    Anyhow were back out soon so were off for some hooch.
    Have a nice life.
  6. I suppose it might come as a bit of a surprise, but they may be laughing at you.
  7. Those guys you are sitting with have adapted an old saying to suit themselves..

    "keep your friends close and keep a constant source of humour even closer!"
  8. Or this one - "Want to look cool? Sit next to an over-sensitive Spam who's unable to grasp the concept of banter".
  9. I'm getting 15, spotty with a penchant for torturing puppies and playing 'Call of duty'. Anyone else picking that up?
  10. Ahh i see you have found the SRDG stationed at the local airbase. Yes they are very "special" people but not quite at your level.

    God i wish people would try to bring up better bites.

  11. You are not sat there with a couple of our "sf men" if you were (assuming that your term means what I think it means) they would have beaten you to death by now for being a cock.

    There is an old saying that I think you might like to take up....

    If you dont like it, fook off

    Or in american

    Do not come here if you do not like the way we are, nobody is forcing you to use this site, nor are they forcing you to read/reply.

    Im sure the US have an equivalent site, and if you are trying to find your mates, I would imagine they would be on that site, rather than one dedicated to the BRITISH army?

    Did I mention, your a cock?
  12. Pararegtom

    Pararegtom LE Book Reviewer

    im currently on active service with some of your better forces .

    OOOOOOOh he,s with Them, I,m waiting for the Spielberg music and the (we saved your ass in 44 Blx)

    get over yourself !!
  13. Must be, because on a few days of r&r 'Them' like nothing more than looking over the shoulder of a Marine lamenting the poor quality of the posts on ARRSE. Oh and if for some reason you really are with 'Them' (you are not though) they've almost certainly just stole your satnav, rations, and the picattiny rail off your rifle. Have a nice day.
  14. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I'm gonna be nice to the boy, so bear with me lads, I'm just gonna widen his cultural understanding.

    Ok Point 1:- Your Post - "OORAH - Semper Fi"

    You didn't say anything else. What are you bringinging to the party here?
    What is it you want to discuss? You don't give us anything else.

    Point 2:- "OORAH -Semper Fi"

    This statement has connotations over here: it suggests, to Brits, an attitude of being Gung Ho, arrogant, my corps is the greatest, so **** everyone else.

    Anyone who bigs themself up, in our culture, is setting themself up for a fall. We don't like that I'm better than you attitude. So as soon as it is displayed we tear into it and belittle it.

    Point 3:-

    Our banter and humour, as a culture, is all about bringing everyone down to the same level. Which is why we constantly rip the sh*t out of each other. We have an instinctive distrust of overt patriotism, nationalism or aggressive pride in what one belongs to. Probably stemming from our long past and the fact of the damage that has been done by such overt nationalism etc. in the past (WW2) anyone).

    The point is everyone must keep themselves in perspective. We all have pride in our countries, units, regiments or corps, which we will defend to the hilt,but we will also shred our own pride and that of others quite happily.

    We don't approve of overt meaningless displays. remember pride comes before a fall. It can make you look foolish.

    Moreover the fact that you have whined about to admin. now makes you look an even bigger fool.

    (either that or I have been wahhed)

    In your own time gentleman, Carry on.
  15. He's gone I think. Poo, I liked that one, the mong was strong within him