Anyone ever compared one of these to a luminox? Some of the model look identical, just wondering if there is any difference.
I got my 'code blue' for 120 sovs and was shocked to see them going for 190 sovs these days.

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Anyone have any experience of Tawatec?

Seems like a good value for money alternative to a Traser.
I've got a titanium H3 traser at it's the dogs bollocks. Had a luminox before that which soon went on eBay. I've also got a decent Rolex, an Omega and a poncy but pricey Tiffany watch. But it is the Traser I wear all the time. Afraid I'm not selling!

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Re the Tawatec. I got one for a seriously good price over a year ago. Haven't broken it yet, keeps great time. Despite habit of wearing watch on the inside of wrist, face almost unmarked. Great watch. Heartily recommended.

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I've got this one. Allegedly they are better than the original Trasers, but damn they went up in price! I paid about 180 euros for it some 4 years ago.

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