Traser Watches - Two Year Guarantee

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dilfor, Jan 22, 2008.

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  1. Has anybody else tried to rely on this? I am having no luck at all at the moment, making me concerned that it may not be worth the paper it is written on. Experiences of others would be welcome (esp if I am to buy a replacement).

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Who did you buy it from?

  3. Got it from H3 watches, however warranty issues are handled by Greenway Watch Services on behalf of Traser and they are not being especially helpful.
  4. I have had similar problems with a 'KHS Navigator', made by Traser, bought from Telford watch services. As soon as i had it on my wrist it started to lose time and then after 10 days it stopped completely! I tried to gain a response from Telford watch services but after 2 weeks of trying i still have not gained a reply.

    They claim to be a supplier to Special Forces and forces friendly company etc. luckily im not SF or i might just turn up in a balaclava in the dead of night with my useless watch. Forces friendly, my arrse. Avoid this company. :(
  5. Small claims Court?? or the threat of.....along with Trading Standards Office.
  6. Might not be exactly what you're after but . . . . .

    I had my Traser cleaned and serviced by (Google for) Graham Green The Traser Watchmaker.

    The company I originally got mine from had gone out of business but Graham did a first class job for a good price too.

    May come in handy of you can't sort it via the warranty.
  7. My Traser got chewed off by a dog I - sent it back to Traser with a very nice letter explaining how it happened; the truth, whole truth and nothing but a mahooooosive big lie, week and half later; new shiny one through the mail. Try phoning them up first.

    Failing that, Taser watch - wasn't that watch one of the items that was in your daysack that went missing after your last exercise? The one with the Ipod in and the other shinny stuff that you were going to contact your kit insurance about?
  8. Did you email them or phone them?
    I had a problem with a G10 I bought off them, I contacted them and they where more than happy for the watch to be sent back and tested. In the end it was just the back of the watch that was not on properly and let in a bit of water..... oops :oops:
    I found them a very good company to use.
  9. You need to check your Spam filters as I assume your real name begins with D - it is the only request we have had regarding a KHS Navigator. We emailed instructions on returning it to us for checking. All KHS watches are made by Traser and carry a full Traser warranty so we would be happy to sort it out for you.

    Regarding the Traser Warranty itself. Greens watch services have the UK contract for repairing all Trasers and Graham is very good. We have used him for 3 years as he has access to specialist parts for repair.

    You must register the watch to get a 3rd year free.

    Sorry I didn't catch this earlier but I have been away with man flu !
  10. Are these people (military watches/ Telford Services) still trading? im reading reports that you cant get in touch with them even when using the email form on there own website and the only phone number provided cant be accessed by anyone other than someone knowing there special pin. Appologies militay watches if this is not the case, just want to confirm before ordering, hope you understand!
  11. I tried to phone, but because I didn't have the secret password I was directed to the web page... which is where I started. I've PMd MilitaryWatches and e-mailed also. No reply... as yet. It shouldn't be this difficult for a basic inquiry surely?
  12. I purchased the MWC G10BH 2007 Spec via Telford Services UK in Dec 2006, which was held still boxed as a present for my Son prior to him entering basic training with the RAF, which he did in March 2007. Unfortunately after 3 weeks of use the second hand/indicator fell off (an obviously manufacturing fault). I immediately arranged a Warranty Return via Telford Services at an additional cost to me of £15 in April 2007. As I was eager for my son to get his watch back as soon as possible I chased Telford Services for update on replacement/return regularly, but did not receive any response, until I was forced to contact MWC direct to intervene in June 2007. I was told at this point that, despite Telford Services their Premier UK Dealer offering a full Manufacturers Warranty, this was not MWC's business. I finally won a County Court Small Claims Judgment against Telford Services in Nov 2007, which they have chosen to ignore. I wrote to MWC MD/CEO in Feb 2008 with the full details of my warranty return claim, and followed up with email in Apr 2008 - with no reply - one year after last seeing my watch. To date I have no watch or money back.


    PS. My Son Passed-Out of basic in Aug 2007 with a CWC G10 on his wrist, which continues to perform well through his service in the RAF Regiment.

    Ian Larder - Lincolnshire UK
  13. I`m a firefighter from Edinburgh who purchased a smith and wesson watch from telford services. Having sent it back over a year ago for a warranty repair with the correct payment for which I have proof I have heard nothing. After repeated attempts to contact you to no avail I`m hoping you will do me the courtesy of replying on this forum. I still have my proof of purchase and all receipts from one way registered post. When I spoke to you on the phone whilst buying the watch I found you to be very pleasant, helpfull and knowledgable so I fid it very dissapointing that this has happened. I`m not looking for money all I want is my watch back or a legitimate reason for not returning it or communicating with me. I cannot believe anyone would behave in this manner when trying to sell merchandise and associate themselves with our armed forces (apart from the MOD of course) and can only assume that this is an oversight.
  14. Warning, do not buy from Telford Services.

    On 10/06/2008 I bough & paid for a watch from them.
    After a couple of weeks I had heard nothing from them. I checked my credit card statement & confirmed that they had been paid. I e-mailed them & still got no reply. I tried calling but as I did not have a pin number was redirected back to the website.
    I have twice fiiled in the forms on the website chasing my order but still nothing. I e-mailed again direct to the company & the private e-mail address of the owner Trevor. I now have had a bounce back stating that the e-mail address does not exist. Now trying to get the money back from the credit card company.

    I only ordered from them as I got a watch from them last year without hassle.