Traser P6508 Code Blue

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MilitaryWatches, Mar 9, 2007.

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  1. The new Traser P6508 Code Blue has finally arrived in the UK. It is a P6500 with Blue Light Sources and a Red Second Hand.

    For More Information Click Here

    Also if you see any watch advertised by a Company called w-w-watch24 on ebay, be very careful. He supplies from Greece and NOT the UK and he does not offer warranty support on any watch he sells. We have emails on file from UK customers who have contacted us for warranty help on the various brands he sells. All with the same story, watch breaks and he ignores the emails for service. Unfortunately we cannot help these customers. If you think this is just 'sour grapes' we would be happy to supply corroberating information to the ARRSE admin should they request it.

  2. Bugger, sod, and bastid.
    Ordered one from that bloke about 4 days ago :( .

    Do "his" watches "go wrong" more than Trasers bought from your store? Are they fake? Or is it just that they are not covered by warranty?
    This is not me being arsy or being a pain in the arse by the way, not intentionally at least - I just want to establish how likely I am to have bought a lemon :? .

    As long as it is a genuine functional Traser, not one made out of feta cheese, I'll happily consider it a lesson learned. :roll:
  3. I bought one last year from that Greek guy, never knew about the warranty though!! Cheers MW!!
  4. Ronnie, can I ask - you had any problems with your traser at all?

    (As above, I am not deliberatley trying to make trouble for Telford Services bloke (and I do realise that it could be misconstrued that way - trust me I'm not), and will buy future watches from there, if only for the added peace of mind, but I just want to know, as I say, if I have bought a lemon or not :( )
  5. I bought one from the Greek dude about a year ago and have had no problems with it so far.
  6. Mine turned up earlier today and seems fine. Being my first GTLS/Traser watch, I got it out of the box and the first thing I said was "The tritium stuff is not working".look later this evening...
    Now it works :D .

    I'm still not happy about the warranty thing though, will be keeping a close eye on TS when the time comes to replace the code blue.
    Hopefully when that time comes I'll have a stripe or two myself ;) .
  7. Watch out for the latest scam. Someone is offering code blue's at about £118 but my understanding is that these maybe refurbished models, not used, but ones that didn't pass QC first time around and had to go back into the factory to be fixed.
  8. It's the same greek bloke I think, that's what I paid for my code blue.
    Like I say, I'll be shopping from official suppliers like yourself from now on, but for the time being, my traser works just fine, and if it did have a problem with it, it doesn't now.
  9. Hmmm. Doesn't sound like a good advert for Trasers. Essentially, "make sure you've got a good warranty" surely infers "because you'll need it."

    Similarly, the inferences that "unused, factory-refurbished watches, identified as having problems during the QC procedures" are of lower quality than "unused non-refurbished watches that were not identified as having problems during QC checks" seems a bit over the top. Under typical QA procedures, only a proportion of the goods would be tested. I'd probably be more inclined to buy a watch that had been tested, found faulty, then fixed than one (possibly even from the same batch) that may not even have been tested.

    To me, the warnings seem to cry "These watches are a bit iffy, but if you buy it from me and it goes wrong, I'll send it back to the manufacturer."

    But then, I'm just a cynic who has little faith in QA/QC procedures and is wary of anybody who emphasises "guarantee." For one retailer to be able to claim that his guarantee is better than another's, there must have been instances of faulty products.

    Note: the use of quotes in this post are for readability rather than as a direct transcript.
  10. In anticipation...

    Right, a manufacturer produces waterproof watches. His QA procedure says that he will submerge one watch in every 100 for 24 hours to test the waterproofing.

    While this watch is being tested, the rest continue through the packing and shipping process.

    The watch develops a leak. It is inspected and all components checked and replaced as necessary. It is re-tested and found to be OK now, so it is put back into the packing and shipping process.

    It is found that this was the only watch out of 10 tested that failed, so it is felt that there is no need to recall the other watches.

    Result - if there was a glitch in the manufacturing process that was subsequently overcome (and this could be someone who started work with a hangover which dissipated during the day), there could be up to 199 dodgy watches in the delivery department. Hence I'd rather have the one that had been fixed as it would be less likely to develop a fault requiring the invocation of the guarantee.
  11. Not wishing to contradict Trevor from Telford Services....

    The only difference between Trevor's watches (sourced from Graham Green - Traser importer, seller and repairer - and w-w-watch24 is the warranty.

    Watches bought in the UK are covered by the UK warranty and can be fixed by Graham Green. Watches bought from w-w-watch24 still have the full Traser warranty, but need to be sent back to Switzerland.

    The e-Bay shop w-w-wwatch24 is run by Global Watch Source who is an authorised dealer of Traser watches.

    Don't believe me!! Check the Traser website - Select Greece

    I have bought from George at w-w-watch24 and have had no problems at all.


  12. I've needed the warranty on my Traser twice. Bloody thing kept filling with water while I was diving. The warranty is definately worth the extra cash.
  13. Blimey, which model do you have??
  14. I take it that you would definitely recommend Traser to your mates?

    If I needed the warranty on anything more than once, it would be returned for a full refund and I'd get something more reliable.

    In addition, it sounds as though you paid extra for a warranty. If the item doesn't do what it says on the box, you just return it for a refund - no warranty necessary.
  15. I think he means that is is worth paying more to buy a watch from a UK reseller (who are more expensive than w-w-watch24) than a cheaper grey market import.

    BTW watch out for the Code Blue as I have a friend who is a reseller and all of his have had slightly loose hands. It is a right pain in the arse as I bought one, set the time and half an hour later the minute hand was nearly a minute out due to a loose hand. Apparently it is normal and is referred to 'movement backlash'. I contacted Traser directly and was told it is a 'characteristic' of the 5 Jewel Ronda 715 movement - it is not classes as a fault and therefore not covered under the warrantly. Also the bezels do not line up properly with the minute marker.

    You might think I am a fussy bar-steward but if I am paying over a ton for a watch I want it to tell the time properly.

    All I have now is a standard P6500/nato strap with a cheap 1 jewel Ronda 515 movement and no loose hands.