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Traser Glow sticks

Does anyone know where I can get one of the Traser Glowstick Keyrings for less than £8? Mine is finally starting to die-a-death but has lasted me 7 years. I could have sworn I never paid around a tenner for it though.
If you find the one that fell off my dog's collar (where I put it for night time dog walking ops) you can have it for free. I think its in the fields behind my house. Or it might be in the woods near my mum. Its yellow. Or blue.
This company are selling a pack of 2 for £16.94. Not less than £8 each but the cheapest I've seen. http://www.theglowcompany.co.uk/acatalog/GLOW_RINGS.html

If you only want one then http://www.iwantoneofthose.com/ is cheapest at £9.95.

Or if you know anyone in BFG try PRI shops for tax free - that'll take a couple of quid off the price.

... £2 price increase in 7 years ... I wonder if inflation has anything to do with it ...
The PRI here at JHQ is banging them out at 7 1/2 euros a pop - about a fiver.

I'd purchase and send on for you, but off into the field now, and wont be back til the weekend, with about 3 hours to clean up and scarper to Duss for a flight to Heathrow....

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