Trapped Nerve

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mr_Wimpy, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone give me any advise in pain management for a trapped nerve on my left side from my back to my calf?
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I understand there is no such thing as a "trapped nerve".
    Do you want to be a bit more specific - or do you want to visit a qualified doc or physio?
  3. sounds painful :(
  4. Sounds like siatica (however you spell it). If it is there's not alot you can do about it, try and work through it....difficult I know but dont go spending loads of money on bone crunchers, they dont work.

    Lie on a bloke of frozen what ever, or get a pack of freezing gel from the bone cruncher, whack it in the freezer, the good thing is it retains the temperature but is moveable so you can snuggle into it for a back freezing session.
  5. My husband had something like that last year he was told to kneel on the floor chest touching your knees then stretch your arms in front as much as you can (back straight)!! it was something like that! I would ask my fella but he isn't here!

    Worked for him! hope you get better soon.
  6. Get yourself to a chiropractor asap. They specialise in this kind of thing. I suffered a similar thing and after months of physio/massage therapy/holistic crystal hot-stone reiki, a chiroptractor really managed to make a difference.

    Its expensive but no more than a physio and you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

  7. :D horny eskimo????
  8. Had something similar a few years ago.

    Firstly, get yourself to a good physio, it's worth the cash (not worth the wait to see an NHS one) for a bit of a massage (not the full personal variety, what ever that may be... ) and some expert advice. They'll give you some stretches to do, which do work, but they take some time, so stick at them. If you have a good PTI, pref PT Corps rather than ack I, they can advise on stretches too. If I can find my idiot sheet, I'll scan and post it up. The best one I found was sitting on a dining room type chair, bad leg bent at the knee resting across the thigh of the good. You now learn forward one arm going through the gap made by the legs, the other on your bad side just going down, and try to touch the floor and hold for a count of 20 and slowley repeat. This helps stretch out ots of the muscles groups in your lower back/hip area which can be impeeding on a nerve. Hope this helps, but I'm not a physio and it would be better to get a demo than relie on that description!

    Secondly, to the gobsh!te who thinks trapped nerves don't exist, if I dill into your tooth and put presure on the nerve, ie trapping, you'd fcuking know about you throbber!
  9. Chiropractor asap pm me and i can reccomend a good one in your area LM
  10. I would have poo pooed an Osteopath until I found myself barely walking when I went in to see one as a last resort and came out absolutely fine.

    Mind you I've been hobbling about for 2 years for a torn disc which is now prolapsed and dehydrated (black on an MRI scan.) From tragic experience, I would recommend anyone who hasn't got it and can afford it.. go for private health cover as you are not a life or death case with back/nerve problems and will only get seen every 6 months or so on the NHS for 'pain management' I appreciate every case is different.