Transsexual Wins Prison Transfer Case

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Sep 5, 2009.

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    1:17pm UK, Friday September 04, 2009
    The High Court has ruled the refusal to move a transsexual inmate to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights

    The prisoner, who cannot be identified, is serving life for manslaughter and attempted rape committed when she was a man.

    Justice Secretary Jack Straw had ruled the inmate should continue to be held at a male prison.

    But today London's High Court declared it was a breach of the prisoner's rights under the European Convention on Human Rights to deny her relocation.

    Barrister for the inmate, Phillippa Kaufmann, told the court: "An indication has just been given to us that the transfer should be effective in a few weeks."

    The prisoner's female sex has been recognised under the Gender Recognition Act 2004 and her birth certificate amended accordingly, the court heard.

    Aspects of the inmate's male sex have been altered - including the laser removal of facial and body hair and the development of breasts with hormone treatment.

    She is however forbidden from wearing skirts or more than "subtle" make-up at the men's prison where she is being held on a "vulnerable prisoners" wing.

    The inmate has also been denied gender reassignment surgery while she is incarcerated at the men's prison.

    The High Court's ruling meant the prisoner could move forward with the surgery, which was her desire.

    Deputy Judge David Elvin QC said keeping her at the male facility "effectively bars her ability to qualify for surgery, which interferes with her personal autonomy in a manner which goes beyond that which imprisonment is intended to do".

    As part of her evidence, the inmate said she would be a woman until the day she died.

    "No one can take my female status away from me," she said.

    "For me it is simply a reflection of how it should have been from the start."

    She is serving an automatic "two strikes" life sentence for manslaughter "by reason of provocation of her male partner" in 2001.

    She was also convicted of the attempted rape of a woman five days after her release from her five-year manslaughter


    So let me get this straight, "he" commited manslaughter, came out and five days later "he" attempted rape of a woman, then decided to become a woman, has had hormone treatment and facial sugery, but is still pre-op & now is registered as a woman, so now "she" has won a transfer to a woman's prison, and although serving life, we are now going to pay for "her" to have the operation.

    When the hell are we going to withdraw from the European Human rights Convention and re-write something that does not reward the instigators of crime !!! :pissedoff:
  2. She (he) must be bricking it that they are still in a Men only prison.
    Wonder how long before someone tries raping it!
  3. The question is 'has he/she still got the old chap dangling'. Given that this person raped a woman, wouldn`t it be extremely dangerous to put them in a womans prison....or is that a subtle plan by the inmate which has been missed by the authorities. 8O
  4. from deciphering the above story, I believe she still has the main equipment, but has had her sex re-badged,
  5. Human rights ??

    he/she committed rape and manslaughter that must make his/her human right no longer relevant -- hardly think his/her rape victim is off to be saying NOOOOO the injustice he/she is not been allowed to get his/her own way.

    What happened to people moral and common sense screw the EU poxy human rights for all Bullsh*t,
  6. If she/he does someone should QUESTION the sense of putting a convicted rapist in a building with 2/300 female inmates who are vunerable and have no escape
  7. As I said in the other thread about this topic, I would imagine that the other "ladies" in whatever women's prison heshe goes to will perform some gratis surgery on this individual.
  8. did look to see if there was another thread, but nothing in the news section
  9. DC

    Not a dig mate, can't find the fecker either :-D
  10. I hate to appear stupid (speak and remove all doubt) if youve got a dick how can you be female?
  11. well it says so on "her" new re-birth certificate, regardless of the physical thing, so it must be true.
  12. Arrange a meet? What's sauce for the Goose......
    Sex change Army hero Jan to become Scotland's first 'transgender' police officer

    By Miles Goslett
    Last updated at 11:14 PM on 02nd May 2009


    Gentle touch: Jan after her sex change

    A paratrooper who underwent a sex-change operation has been accepted by the police as a trainee woman constable.

    Jan Hamilton, formerly Captain Ian Hamilton, quit the Army in 2007 after 20 years’ decorated service and embarked on a full gender reassignment programme.

    Now living in Glasgow, she has been accepted by Strathclyde Police to begin two years’ probationary training, making her Scotland’s first transgender police officer.

    A source said that Miss Hamilton, 44, had ‘sailed through’ the initial six-month selection process: ‘Jan Hamilton scored highly in the written tests and had no problem with the fitness tests.

    'She completed the mile-and-a-half run in about 11 minutes, even though women are allowed to take up to 16.’

    The source added that senior officers had given their full backing to her application.

    The fact that Miss Hamilton was born a man will have no bearing on the way that she is expected to operate because she is legally recognised as a woman.

    For example, she will only be able to search other women, in line with police guidelines.

    She will also wear the uniform of a Strathclyde Police woman constable, including the reinforced bowler hat.

    Changing hats: Jan as Ian in Iraq and right, a Strathclyde WPC

    Read more: PICS
  13. It is a bloke with bollox. The fact that it also has tits does not make it a woman.
    He is also a rapist and a killer, that should mean it has no rights.
    If they insist on not hanging people like that then he should just stay exactly where it is.

    Bollox = Bloke. Therefor he should remain in a male prison.
    Fooking good scam though, I wonder if having moobs and a good solicitor is enough to get your average male prisoner moved in with the women?
  14. What a colossal waste of public money. Have we got so much cash that it is ok to pay for court cases to decide whether someone with "meat and 2 veg" is a woman or a man?

    Should a rapist go into a women's prison with equipment intact is a difficult question? FFS!
  15. This wasn't a dig at Transsexuals, it was a shout at the type of scum who get away with PC crap after inflicting crime on others & getting specialist treatment for something that they aren't going to experience in prison.