Transsexual spared jail amid safety concerns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by moss, Jul 14, 2010.

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  1. A transsexual who downloaded child pornography walked free from court because a judge said she would not be safe in prison.
    They should nail this ****, and the judge to the nearest tree. Is there no justice in England anymore!

    Transsexual spared jail amid safety concerns - Crime, UK - The Independent

    In Spartacus and so my wife
  2. At least the THING would get as much cock as IT wanted if in Jail, what a weak Judge, The THING is safe but now kids are not!!

    Let IT stay at the judges house while his grandkids are around visiting if he is that worried about IT's safety!!

    No Justice unless your a feeking Pedo, Junkie, Thief or Dole Waller BASTARD!!

    Makes you wonder about those mad cnuts who go on a killing spree, why not target the Jeremy Kyle potential guests lot, or find out where Pedos live through the FOI Act and then go on a spree, handing yourself in to a round of applause at the End!

    Me + If I ever suffer from a Terminal Illness = Good Cleansing Killing Spree
  3. I think he/she/it should be sent to prison nonetheless, 'it' would be quite a favorite amongst inmates, a bit of this and a bit of that. Chances are by the time 'it' served its term, its sexual transformation would have been completed by fellow inmates. I am told they take a particular liking to anything related to kiddie fiddling.

    What kind of example does this set: If you are cought downloading kiddie pron you will be let off so long as you wear womens clothing, wtf...
  4. Maybe the transexual has agree'd to be the Judges PA in return for punishment?

    is it any wonder our justice sytem is seen as a joke.
  5. Just more fodder to prove that the 'Uming Rites Act 1998' is a piece of crap that badly needs repealing. Anyway, which bit of the 'Transsexual' is still 'male' and which bit is 'Female'.... It's hardly wonder the Judiciary are confused. The same penalties should be applied to "all genders?????", and even Lady-boys.....

    Otherwise the 'Uming Rites' Lobby (The Fornicating Fifth Column against Civil Liberties), Uming Rites Lawyers will make sure that Justice Is NOT done and seen to be done!!

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  6. It was mentioned in the article that this being was biologically male but legally female, why not send her/him to a female prison. If the law recognises this person as female then a female prison should be suitable, they cant pick and choose the circumstances in which they recognise the change of gender.
  7. No hermaphrodite prisons?
  8. Would you need separate wings for Shims and Himshes or just have a sort of pick and mix accom?
  9. Minefield. I worked in a place where they had a resident transvestite. Straight out of Little Britain. Wanted to use the womens' toilets. Understandably, the women were not impressed by a six foot, bald but otherwise hairy bloke standing up to pee with his mini-skirt round his waist and his meat and two veg blowing in the wind.

    "But I am a laydeeee" cried the tranny.

    "No he's not" cried the real ladies.

    He ended up in the gents when the women threatened to get a lawyer. Understandably, the gents were not impressed by a six foot, bald but otherwise hairy bloke standing up to pee with his mini-skirt round his waist and his meat and two veg blowing in the wind ......

    You get the idea.

  10. I get the idea, but to be legally recognised as a femme it wouldnt have dangly bits, like i said the LAW recognises it a female, then put it in a female prison, these people have to go through a fair amount of surgery and stuff to be legally changed of gender, better than having the sick paedo on the streets.
  11. A ginger trans-sexual nonce, his parents must be very proud.
  12. What is it with northern gingers all looking for their 15min of fame. (Raoul Moat).


    I give it a go try any thing once.


    I'm Spartacus and so my wife
  13. Should cuts his balls off.... No wait that's already been done. Stitch them back on and cut them off again, this time make the ****** eat them