Transsexual police helicopter pilot hero!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wokka mate, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Chaps,

    I am strugging to resolve this story!

    Pilot Kathryn Chapman halts train and avert disaster at level crossing | Mail Online

    Royal navy gulf war 'veteran'...check...

    Qualified helicopter pilot for police aviation services, which exclusively hire from AAC, RN and RAF...which are almost exclusively male...check...

    Rugged manly looks, beefy forearms, suspicious lump in throat...check, check, check...

    'mother of two'...! WTF! I take it that as he had the chop, he went from being a father to a mother...?! How does that work?
  2. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

  3. Boy or girl - who cares? Piece of quick thinking,spoilt by the churlish cnut form the train operator.
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  4. and where does it say she is a Transxual, or is this a result of your observational skills and lack of knowledge of the Armed Forces.

    Unlike other Forces women served in the Frontline in the Royal Navy in both Gulf Wars, she could have been a Lynx driver on a frigate or destroyer.
    As she has also fitted in a stint of Train Driving, she must have been a big fan of Thomas the Tank Engine and Harold the Helicopter when she was a kid
  5. I know f**k all about helicopter flying and quals needed to fly a police wokka wokka - but I do know that is one f**k ugly Dorris.

    I agree with "Wokka" it has to be a bloke
  6. But the article calls her a mother of 2?
  7. Would you though?
  8. Granted its a rough old trout, but, I don't think its a bloke

    This is / was a bloke!

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  9. can she drive a fucking train though!
  10. How so? The crossing was protected with a danger aspect, so the train would have halted anyway! There is nothing in the Rule Book about helicopters, so that is crap as well. All trains are fitted with radios that are directly linked to the signal boxes and all have an emergency 'all stop' signal capability. In other words, the signaller (monitoring the CCTV, on seeing the car, would a) leave the signal at danger and b) notify the relevent trains of what is happening.
  11. Did the RN have female pilots during the GW1? I always thought the first Navy flying bhints came along mid-90s.

    That would make her a he at the time of GW1.
  12. Good drills that woman. The rail spokesman saying they had it under control and brought the train to a stop themselves was just beng a bullshiter. Trains frequently hit cars left on level crossings through not being able to stop in time. So I go along with what the police spokesman said and that she "saved the day". Interesting comments posted after the article too. Seems more people are concerned with her being a woman than in her being a capable pilot. I can just imagine the outcry though if she crashed the helicopter doing the stunt. She probably broke a few flying rules as well, so I wonder if she'll get into trouble for this...
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  13. She is not exceptionally good looking but its a bit harsh to accuse her of being a man in disguise. And yes, we have female helicopter pilots in the forces.
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  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    She managed to park one so she has to be a bloke.
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  15. Three years ago whilst attending the rememberance parade at the cenotaph in Blackpool this lady (?) was stood next to me during the service, she was being filmed by a film crew I assumed for a programme/documentary on remembrance. At the time I thought she looked quite atttractive (it was Blackpool in November ie wind, rain reduced visability etc) and feminine, with a great set of legs. 12 months later when the documentary about her transition from hairy arse para captain to lady was shown I thought "should have gone to specsavers" and pass me the bleach and sandpaper?