Transporting Recruits

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TA_sig, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Bascially my question is:

    Can we use the white fleet, ie minibusses to transport potential (non attested/civilian) recruits too and from the TAC? The TAC I'm thinking off is out of town and a bit of a challenge to get to if you live in the main urban areas, most people seem to drive in rather than public transport or walk. My idea is that we may appeal more to people who work or live in the city centre if we can provide a shuttle service too and from a central location.

    More specifically is my idea to apply this to students, freshers week - meet us outside the students union on a tues night, shuttle over to the TAC for activities 'look at life', whatever, few drinks in the JRC before being deposited back at the union circa 11pm. Of course this would require a duty driver staying on longer, so perhaps just send them off at 21:15 and encourage them to socialise at the local pub/students union. Perhaps with a few now off duty soldiers to drink with. Way I see it, this may encourage more of a community/club feel, encouraging retention, which is what the students get with their outer mongolian sheep farming societies. If anything it stops recruits not turning up because they couldn't locate the TAC.

    I know there's an insurance issue, but is there a way around? Recruits pay a quid, it's re-imbursed in free drink or something?
  2. Driver gets charged by traffic branch for taxi-ing without a licence.

    Shouldn't be a drama if consent forms are used/signed.
  3. Can see one problem if they actually pay in some way then driver would have to have PSV licence and vehicle registered as a PSV vehicle what entails a whole lotta red tape and vehicle adaptions ie additional internal signage and kit to be carried , Not sure if Crown exemption would apply best to check it out first
  4. Load of bollox. "Quid each for the driver!" has been going on for eons in the army. Stop being so PC and wary of the law.
  5. Wouldn't the students be more inclined to join the OTC? After all, why slum it in th JRC, when they could engage in bun fights in the Officers' Mess?

    There may be a few new students who are already in the TA, but are now looking for a local unit. I'd suggest targeting these with a view to them encouraging a few of their new mates to come along. A few beers, present the form, and you've shanghaied a half-section. ;)

    Then let them walk, the exercise is good.
  6. I can't say for sure, but we did pretty much what you're suggesting at the begining of the year at my OTC.

    Those who were interested in joining us were told to meet at a specific location on campus (where a couple of people in uniform were waiting for them) and were then bussed (for free) down to the TAC via minibus for a bit of food, some drinks and a couple of presentations about what they can expect from the OTC. We then all headed into town together for a night out. Most of those who attended this event turned up on the Sunday for assessment.

    How far is your TAC from the uni? Depending on how far it is and how many students you are able to recruit could it be worth laying on a regular minibus service from the campus to your TAC? In my company we used to have a few guys from Lampeter who would get bussed to and from our TAC in Aberystwyth every Tuesday.

    If you want to have a stand at a Freshers Fair you will need to get in touch with the respective Student Union about attending as you are not a uni society. This is what OTCs have to do as although they are affiliated with universities they do not come under the authority of a Student Union.

    For your TA unit to be a viable alternative to other uni clubs and societies, you will need to keep people interested especially on the social side of things. The socials in my company last year were almost non-existant and we lost quite a few people because they had more fun with other societies. If you look at recruiting material for the UOTC (Army Club :wink: ) it does seem to emphasise the social side compared to other TA recruiting material I've seen.

    I'm sure the subject of recruiting uni students has come up on this and other boards before, so probably a good idea to have a look around at what people have had to say.
  7. Well as long as I don't hit any problems researching the use of transport for civvies (the waiver idea isn't bad - is it legit?), then that part of the plan is ok. Guess the bods to ask are MT, except being a lowly signaller a half cocked idea will result in me being told to wind my neck in by some who may still go with the idea of rank=person etc.

    In theory it's only a 30min walk from the uni but it's along a busy dual carriageway and through some pretty rough areas, most people are put off. Layabout students especially.

    OTC, well officially they take students from the uni in mind, except my student chums there have never heard of them recruiting there in the last 4 years or so, plus it's miles away. Anyway we want people we can train and get into our troop and maybe mobilise when they graduate 3 to 4 years down the line.
  8. Don't mean to throw a spanner in the works but, how likely is it that the people you recruit are going to stay with your unit after they graduate? I'm finishing uni now and along with other leavers I'm transferring to a TA unit in my home town, not the TA unit in Aberystwyth.
  9. We'll worry about that when they leave, in the mean time lets get four years of stagging on out of them.. I mean let's get them interested, trained up and contributing to the squadron.

    Some people won't move on, some may decide to areas where our regiment has squadrons, or they may decide to join someone else completly. I've been in with my troop for about 2 years now, looking for work and will quite happily go wherever it crops up, TA will just have to fit around it. Could be time for a tour soon.
  10. The important thing is to engender interest. 18-23 is probably the most likely age that someone will join up, beyond that people start worrying that they're too old. Granted that a lot of students will leave the TA on completion of their studies (moving away from their mates, and don't fancy making new ones from scratch), but at least they will know that they can re-join at a later date (once they've got their personal lives sorted out) and that the worst is behind them.

    As a personal recruiting platform, those that leave and find that they can't fulfil the commitments of the Independent Units due to work obligations could join Specialist Units. Army-trained and civvy-qualified, they are exactly what the Specialist Units need.
  11. Hardly a spanner as your logic goes the other way too. There will be students across the country returning home so what is happening to your unit will be happening to another. ie. both units will be training new recruits then losing them however they will also be recieving trained soldiers so it evens out in the end.

    I am transferring back to my original home unit next week but I do not believe that my current lot have lost out as they have recieved returning students as well.
  12. Ref: Transporting potential recruits in white fleet.

    1. Specify your recruiting event as a LOOK AT LIFE. This provides the insurance and authority to conduct the activity.
    2. As normal complete a risk assessment, but with a specific annex for the transport phase.
    3. Do NOT charge money. This will invalidate your insurance.
    4. Check your Drivers' hours to ensure they are legal for both the pick up and drop off.
    5. Ensure drivers are paid for the whole of their time. If this takes them to 1/2 day get this authorised first.
    6. Keep a nominal roll of who gets on what vehicle and at the finish of each journey, once everyone is off the tpt, ask if anybody has any injuries in front of everyone and note down the replies on the nominal roll. If anyone complains summon an ambulance.

    This idea works. Students new to a town will find it difficult to find you so therefore many will not bother.

    As an alternative, go through MTO/MTWO to see if a Coach from a Tpt Sqn can be laid on.

    Getting people to come to you for the first time by bussing them in is the 'Battle Winning Idea' in that it increases the number you can sell to.

    If you do not know how to do any of the points above (it sounds complicated but isn't), then talk to your permanent staff. This is routine for them.

    Note: Consent forms/waivers hold little water legally. Do NOT rely on them to protect you; they won't. Follow the process above.
    Good luck with the recruiting.
  13. Good drills TA_sig, let me know how it goes !
  14. Don't just rely on Tpt Sqn, must higher fomations have a TSU (Transport Support Unit) these have a fleet of 'white' vehicles specifically there to support your unit.

    Most will have coaches, minibuses, vans and cars. 2 Div TSUs are based at Bde HQs in Edinburgh, Catterick, York and Preston.

    Process is to submit FMT 1000, via MTO/MTWO giving justification.

    Use your support services don't operate in isolation.

    Hope this helps
  15. Gung_Hobo:

    That's usefull info. WHy not put it onto the wiki page for recruitment ideas? That way it should be seen by as many recruiters as possible. I can do it if that is easier.