transport to james cook

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by cylon_lover, May 30, 2006.

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  1. i have just been posted to mdhu northalleton and am going to be working at JCUH does any one know if there is transport to and from catterick
  2. A quick Google on your behalf came up with:

    There may be others, though.

    From 5RA's web page ( ):
    Obviously, there may also be service transport. ;)
  3. There is organised transport for Nursing staff at certain shift timings, if your non-nursing then its tough shiit get your own!!

    (Well was last time I heard!)
  4. There's transport to MDHU (N), but not to James Cook. You have to make your own way there. Speak to the MT type people near the main reception and they'll be able to tell you more. At the moment we can claim milage to and from place of work to home/Catterick.

    Hope this helps
  5. If your a nurse, then why not jog some of them pounds off? just a surgestion!
  6. OOOH ....getting personal!!! I bet you're a medic!!
  7. What gave it away the spelling?

  8. Definatly the spelling!

    Although, they say it's a sign of cleverness - not that i believe them when it comes to the RAMC. They're aren't many medics i'd trust with a needle.
  9. There's not many nurses I would trust with a pie!

  10. OUCH......
  11. hope that ...OUCH...wasnt due to needledik. Sorry neddlestick. There goes my spelling again.
  12. There's a regular bus service from Catterick to/from Darlo station (think it's hourly), then you can get the train to Boro, and there's a bus every 10 min to the hospital. Having said that, the first one isn't early enough to get you there for an early shift (I lived in Thornaby, trying to get to JCUH by bus was sh*te). The public transport there is far from the best around.