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Discussion in 'RLC' started by big_vern400, May 10, 2010.

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    Are there any of you that have done the new course at Leccy? I beleive its DTO and DRSA cse in one with a few other cheeky bits!! Problem is i hear there's an entrance test..............Can anyone give a bit of a heads up with what sort of Q's are in said test?

    All or any help most grateful for!!!
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  2. Q: When an FMT1000 is received is it?

    1, Sent back stating there's nothing available and a non availability chit will follow which it never does.

    2, Put it in the things to do file only to miss the requested date.

    3, Make a paper aeroplane.

    4, Deny all knowledge it was ever received.

    5, All of the above.

    Simple question, get it right and you're in...
  3. should it matter if there is a sitting in test, surely as a Dvr you know everything already and should be able to attend the course without any problem.
  4. You should be recieveing a course pack soon with all the study aids you need (or so i'm told).
    You will do DRSA,lots of JSP 800 "cani i?" questions,jsp 101 writing,Route recce drive etc.
    1000 series documents,convoy support centre setup,driver licensing,application forms etc.
    Basically it's a "how to run an MT properly" course.
  5. Why JSP101, surely service writing is covered on the CLM or are DST taking over the education centres?
  6. Point briefs etc,not jsp 101 in it's entirety,just certain bits admin orders etc.
    Sorry for not being clearer!
  7. Wouldn't surprise me with DST.
  8. Cheers for the heads up guys!! And Masters- yeah may be a driver- but always good to have a heads up isn't it!!! Esp with how random DST can be!!
  9. So are you on the course now, may have to do the next one is it worth it?
  10. Not a case of "Is it worth it?" mate. It is now a mandatory requirement for eligibilty for promotion to SSgt in the Dvr trade.
  11. Sorry... but there was me thinking that as a Dvr trade when you get to rank of Sgt you would actually know how to do your job. from what i hear the reason behind the course is get everyone qualified and ready to become future MDs and cut down on the MD course.
  12. It's not that simple,the course qualifies the individual with DRSA and Fuel supervisor quals etc,something not open to full screws etc.
    Remember under the old system a Driver could go all the way up to WO1 with just his B1 trade qual (excluding cadres etc).
    As B.O.S stated this course seems to be a prerequisite now for promotion to SSgt.....
    On a side note i would expect a Rad Op SNCO to know his trade inside out however i work with two who have retraded to Driver role.Obviously they don't like Bowman.... :lol:
  13. What if you are all ready DRSA before you attend the course? Is it a sit through and suck eggs for a week of the cse??
  14. You get to watch the grass grow
  15. Or, perish the thought, update yourself and strive to learn more. Failing that just ask the Trg Officer to let you play golf all week!

    Your house still standing AT?