Transport Police stop more Asians

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Proximo, Aug 17, 2005.

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  1. It would appear that the BTP have stopped more Asians of late, according to the BBC.


    The BTP deny that there has been any change in policy:

    Good to see that Fungus' team are supporting BTP Chief Constable Ian Johnston as well:

    Back pedal, back pedal....
  2. why dont you go outside and play darthy? you are obviously reading the bbc website far too thorooughly......................
  3. Not many little old white lady bombers/attempted bombers were there??
    So what's all the fuss about?
  4. I am reminded of the film 'Good Morning Vietnam'
    Cronauer asks 'are u charlie but no-one says yes so the gi's can't capture them'
    I doubt many would own up to being POTENTIAL BOMBERS, but the law enforcement have to start at some point
  5. Without wishing to sound too un-PC, so what?

    Facts are that the average caucasian is not the most likely Muslim suicide bomber.

    There, I have said it. I will now step away from the fizzling blue touch paper.
  6. Remind me again which part of the subcontinent is Somalia in?

    If anything at least stop and search should help to restore some confidence over the fight against terrorism.
    By the way what is exactly do they mean by 'Asian appearance', slightly tanned people from say Brazil?
  7. If you were going to get really **** about profiling all Muslims to be of an Asian cast, Chechians(sp?) are caucasian and Muslim and fair few of them are total nutters. But if you were to apply statistics to Muslims in Britain I'm sure the vasy majority would be of Asian appearance, therefore it's not unreasonable to be vigilent and stop more asians who are acting suspiously surely?. Just like most IRA terrorists where caucasion and had Irish accents, were we being racists stopping white Irishmen?.

    This is all the usual crap that some dodgy Muslims are trying to play the race card to force the Police into becoming to scared to stop a person of Asian apperance, or wearing a rag, in the fear they will get rapped for racial profiling, mean while Ahmed gets away wearing Vest, Explosive MK1.
  8. But if the police have increased their attention towards one particular group in particular' what's to stop Ahmad the terroist mastermind just recruiting some suicide bomber whose ethnicity won't make the police immediately suspect him/her?
    If your going to use stop and search, you should factor in all possibilities.

    Edited to take in RB concerns.
  9. The title of the thread says 'Transport Police stop MORE Asians', not 'Transport Police stop ONLY Asians'.
    Unfortunately some people seem unable to tell the difference.
  10. My fault - 'should have wrote if the police have increased their attention towards one group in particular' :oops:
  11. No problem, castlereagh, I appreciate what you're saying.
    What I was trying to say, though, was that all we have is a slight shift in a bar chart. If the numbers of white/black had dwindled to next to nothing I, too, might have concerns, but that's not what the chart is showing.
  12. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Being stood on a platform for 4 hours a day, I search anyone who raises my suspicions. All criteria laid down by PACE. I explain to the individual who I am why I stopped them and on what grounds. What powers I am using and what I am looking for. Everyone is stopped and searched on their own merits and grounds. I dont care if they are purple with blue spots. If a passenger entering a station, looks uneasy, sweating and carrying a big rucksack then they get stopped. Oh and they get a record of the stop.- if they want one.

    The PC brigade would be soon be moaning when their offices are blown up! But then again not a bad thing!
  13. Last series of posts deleted.
  14. Never mind the 'potential terrorist' tag. In my opinion the Police should stop Asian motorists as in my experience they are far more likely to be uninsured/unroadworthy/without tax etc. I know of numerous characters who until the introduction of photocard driving licences used to share one. If I was a copper I'd stop them.

    Before anyone starts ranting about proof take a look in the court briefs of any local newspaper from an area with a large asian community.

    And no it's not just sour grapes because the council wouldn't let me turn my basement into a temple.
  15. Lairdx , you are absolutley correct in your assumptions. You might also wonder how someone could take a UK driving test with not a word of English. A friend of mine was put into a coma , and is now 25% alloy, thanks to a minicab driver who fled to Pakistan the following morning. Eventually, he was apprehended. It is not the only occasion that something like this has happened.

    I absolutely agree.