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I am having a right 'mare with paying individuals who do a bit of driving for the Mess functions, and it's got to the point where I have just paid one obliging chap out of my own pocket, as this is the decent thing to do, and I am the figurehead the Mess, as it were. On one hand I have our multi-activity contract provider (whose title may be gleaned by rearranging the letters 'SIS acne lid me') saying that the Regt Acct should pay the drivers - she then says that the contractor has to pay them, ensuring that the tax & NI is taken off. The end result is that the poor fecker has to wait for ages for his cash, at which point he probably thinks "feck this for a game of soldiers" and we have no Mess transport. And we are then truly fecked.

There has been a deal of senseless and unhelpful ramblings elsewhere on ARRSE which have not answered the fundamental question here, eg what is the correct procedure for paying individuals what we used to know as ED Pay? Maybe someone properly acquainted with SFR and the real world can tell me how we are supposed to go about paying small amounts, at infrequent intervals. Is it down to our contractor or should our Regt Acct get off her high horse and cough up? The tax thing is a given and that is fine - I just need a procedure that works.

Grateful for some informed and accurate advice.

If you are using the MAC contract to supply the transport then it is their responsibility to pay the driver.

The contractor will then raise a bill to the mess.

It is not your responsibility to pay the driver direct.

If the contractor is using soldiers as drivers then they should have a zero hour contract and a letter from the commanding officer to say they can work.
No, we are not paying the contractor for the transport - the Mess is entitled to free used of the unit minibus once per month, so we have to provide the driver. God help us if we had to go to the contractor for transport, as they recently charged £150 for three plates of tarted up sandwiches, and were hoping to fleece us for something like £800 for providing breakfast at our Summer Ball.
Sounds like Beaconsfield to me!
is the driver civi or Mil? if mil just pay him ED pay through the Amin office if civi then the same as above
He is military. Are you saying that there is a simple procedure? If so, what is the reference as I have to nail this problem quickly and permanently?
ED pay is still as it ever was and hasnt changed. Regt pay using ED pay Mess pays Regt. That was all the Tax etc is covered.
Not sure about refs but is what i have used for years and still do!!
Interesting ............. so there is a straightforward system which in our case is being thwarted by cabals of obstructive civilians. Can anyone else point me in the direction of the appropriate regulations covering payment of ED Pay?
As a Regt Acct, i pay drivers for functions, it is added to the function cost and collected back in through the contractors I&E. My unit calls it function support to avoid using an ED Pay register (introduced before my time i hasten to add). In the 3 years i have been here it has never been picked up as an observation at Audit. SFR's chap 14 is the definitive guide. Sounds like your Regt Acct doesn't want to operate a casual earnings register and calculate the PAYE and the ballache that goes with it, but their are ways around it.

If you need to charge Tax and ERNIC then the fund takes the hit (either GPF or the SPF/Function) The PEC should be adding this into his function costing.
GPF is the way forward, that way nobody gets shafted on audits and the likes and the driver doesnt get taxed, it also alleviates the 'dont drive for the mess sketch, as they don't pay you'.

How much are you paying them BTW, its roughly £35 til midnight and more after, usually pissed up mess members subsidise this with 10p each!
Since the original post, we have come to an accommodation with the Regt Acct and the auditors. Now they say that, since it's only a few times a year, we can pay the drivers out of Mess funds, without faffing around with tax etc. So, it was easy after all. :x
Each Mess is entitled to a number of named Formal Functions that MT is provided for per yr. This is in the JSP and we used to use it all the time - RAF that is but same regs. It meant we didn't mess about with dodgy payments and everyone is clean. Just get the CO to sign off the numbers and let the Messes decide which ones they want it used for. Sounds like you need someone with an MT background to interpret and back the contractors into a corner.

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