Transport Engineers Mag (Jun 07) - Just pi*sed myself!!!


Have you read the June Edition of the Transport Engineer Mag? Page 23. Did you recognise the picture of the bloke in it?

Yep, it was our good olde friend and now VOSA Chief Exec Stephen Tetlow. When I read his quote under the pic I nearly pi*sed myself:

Quote: "Determined to drive through a programme of radical changes".

Yeah...good one Stevie. Maybe introduce VOSA Engineering Standards and then jump ship when it all turns into a rats arrse.

That cheered me up seeing that :)
I actually thought Mr Tetlow did a good job. I served in AMF(L) when he arrived as CO. He made changes there too, mostly for the better.

As DEME(A) he tried to implement changes that were forced on him from above. He told us on his farewell tour he didn't want to bin VEs but he had no other choice.

He isn't perfect, but who is?

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