Transport Department to procure new civilian UK Search and Rescue service

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Nov 28, 2011.

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  2. Does this mean Prince Wills will be getting his P45?
  3. How will civilian crews balance "Elf & Safety" against getting out there in a Force 9+ ? Don't sink unless its a calm sunny day ?
  4. He'll be tourex by then, but probably won't have to slum-it in Aberdeen, driving a bus-full of North Sea Tigers.
  5. to be fair this has been in the pipeline for years i can recall SAR being market tested or what ever it was called then in 1987,it got shit canned last year when they made a balls up of the tendering process,i can only hope that a grown up is writing the contract and "we" do not end up with a second rate service run for profit with PAYD style get out small print in the contract.
    however it will i'm sure result in job cuts.
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  6. The same way the RNLI do?
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  7. "The same way the RNLI do? "...... The difference there being that RNLI are VOLUNTEERS working for a charity, not employees working for a profit driven corporation. You seriously think the bean-counters will sanction putting a multi-squillion pound chopper and its crew in real harms way ? For all we slag off the crabs and matelots (in a cheerful, bantering sort of way...) I think we all know that push comes to shove they will go the extra mile.
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  8. You said "how will civillian crews...", so I take it that RNLI are (a) not civvies and (b) not affected by HSE legislation!
  9. Probably the same way The RNLI do.

    Edit because other people have seen sense before me.

    Contrary to the thoughts of those who salute the flag 6 times a day the armed forces are not the only group of people willing to risk their lives these days.

    Hopefully a private company will start charging for their services when things like stupidity and/or booze are to blame for their helicopter having to lift.
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

  11. I thought Bristow (a civilian firm) already operated SAR helicopters on the south coast.

  12. Dunno - possibly a bit like Bristows operating out of Sumburgh a few years back

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  13. and the same way the existing civilian crewed SAR aircraft do ... and the existing military resources...

    Crown Immunity no longer exists

  14. Something many people forget is that a charity is a company with more regulations to adhere to .