Transport Cops 'To Have Firearms Unit'

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by mrrandom, Jan 20, 2011.

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  1. Sky News has learned that the growing threat of terrorism has prompted British Transport Police to draw up plans for its own firearms division.

    A formal decision has not yet been made, but an announcement is expected within weeks.

    The force's 4,500 police and support staff are responsible for guarding the UK's rail network along with London Underground and other Metro systems.

    But British Transport Police have to call in specialist armed officers from local forces to respond to terrorist threats and other armed incidents at stations.

    Sky News understands the move is not in response to any specific terrorist threat, but is part of ongoing improvements to the UK's terrorism resilience.

    Late last year, reports surfaced of a potential plot to carry out a Mumbai-style terror attack in the UK and other European cities.

    The Mumbai attack in November 2008 left almost 200 people dead after gunmen targeted a railway station and hotels in the city with machine guns and grenades.

    A British Transport Police spokesman said: "The Government has said that its number one priority is the protection of its citizens.

    "We are continually reviewing how we go about our work to prevent terrorist attacks and are discussing a range of security options around crowded places. These include railway stations and the underground. It would not be appropriate to comment further at this point."

    Sky sources suggest that BTP management have drawn up initial plans for around 100 BTP officers in London to be trained to carry guns.

    If given the go ahead, the new firearms division would be responsible for crewing a fleet of armed response vehicles, able to attend emergencies and take part in pre-planned operations.

    The London pilot would then be rolled out to other places around the country.

    However, Sky News understands the new BTP firearms officers might not receive their training alongside the Metropolitan Police's firearms division, CO19.

    Instead, their training may be co-ordinated by the Ministry of Defence police, the force responsible for guarding around 100 MoD buildings and military bases around the UK.

    Security analyst Crispin Black said the move would be a sensible development and long overdue.

    He said: "It was always an anomoly that British Transport Police didn't have its own armed officers.

    "Given the security services fear there's a real possibility of a Mubai-type terror attack, this move should simplify command and control procedures and reaction times, which would be crucial in responding to such an attack."

    British Transport Police Planning Firearms Division To Combat Terrorism Threat | UK News | Sky News
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    They will never get there in time.....
  3. don't quite get what you mean, they'll never response to an event in time?
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ....using public transport....always late

    Oh never mind .... ;-)
  5. can you get some help?? i fell into that one bigtime
  6. I take it they will be using the same selection criteria as the rest of CivPol; anyone wishing to apply to become a AFO must have completed their two year probationary period at the very least.

    And why not have this new unit trained by CO19? I thought they were the experts on shooting people on trains?

    ...somebody hand my my coat, it's bloody cold in the back of that taxi...
  7. I suspect they'll draw officers from the OSU & SRU as its only a trial at the moment

    if its rolled out then it'll most likey be as you say - 2 years probation and probably 2 years service

    don't forget your umbrella might be raining when you get out of that taxi
  8. Sorry, mate, I'm not fluent in Plod; what are these units again?
  9. Do the transport police cover the tube or just the surface railways?
  10. Operational support unit is the btp riot unit, the do alot of the hooligan raids and the like
    Special Response Unit are a london based unit who do a mix of things like xraying sus packages to see if they need EOD called out

    both are made up of experianced officers trained in the use of specialist equipment (taser, CBRN suits etc)

    BTP cover underground,overground but not wombling free- thats down to the Keepers of Wimbledon and Putney Commons
  11. The Met are laughed at and a joke over here. We have lots more skills in Public Order duty then they can ever dream. The Met is the laughing stock of real Peelers at the sharp end. Fat Overweight Dull UnEducated want to be Peelers.
  12. Both and a lot more.

    Plans are afoot I am led to believe for them to have a bigger presence on all transport systems including motorways and police helicopters.

    If you want to get into 'policing' from an insider go BTP one of the few forces not cutting back on manpower due to the way they are funded.

    Also seen at the student riots fully kitted up for action.
  13. TBH I was all prepared to get on the bus over this then the grey cells kicked in and I understood Transport Police and not Traffic Police. That's all we need, the Stasi being armed! Thankfully it's only the train coppers, whom I support in being armed. They should also get a 00 licence too.
  14. You learn something new every day; I did'nt know BTP even had a Riot Squad!
  15. Turn you down did they?

    Actually I agree. The Met are shit at Public Order. Unless making people hate you forever, putting them in hospital or killing them is a good thing. Then they are very good at public order.