Transport Co-Odrinator

To be based in Abu Dhabi, c. USD$85000+ salary (tax free) for the successful candidate, a whole range of allowances on top of this, including accommodation allowance, first three months free on arrival in Abu Dhabi allowance for four return flights to home country and other allowances, plus other perks that you get from being in the UAE. PM me for more details.

Job Description: Under the auspices of the Director of Support Services the Transportation Coordinator manages an expanding fleet of approximately 200+ assorted vehicles and revolves in the mainstream activities that equate to dispatching, routing and tracking transportation for all operations mechanisms and is responsible for the planning, organizing and managing of assigned responsibilities for each staff member. This ensures the efficiency and compliance for all deliverable and key performance indicators set for the organization. As the company point of contact in matters pertaining to transportation efficiencies, he or she will communicate with personnel from all departments; implementing the planning and management of how things are moved and schedule policies designed to promote quality control and overall safety. Key to accomplishing tasks is the performance monitoring for operations and administrative adherence ensuring that the staff complies with contracts, municipal regulations and safety protocols. The manager conducts investigations and provides the resolution for complaints registered by users and staff, in effect to transportation and public safety issues with relevance to the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Oversees fleet driver, dispatching, and services operations.
• Assists and prepares bid specifications for purchase and helps oversee the bidding process and ordering process if needed.
• Supervises designated staff by performing duties such as interviewing and hiring, scheduling and coordinating work assignments, evaluating employee performance, disciplines employees and determines related training and orientation requirements.
• Coordinates in-service programs; Manages network and trip assignment to meet budgeted costs; investigates provider payment and billing issues; maintains provider files to make sure they meet all credential requirements; manages cost of transportation; manages cost per vehicle and cost per mile; supports overall financial goals; fully utilizes transportation assets to reduce costs whenever possible; audits invoices on regular basis; reviews general ledger for all charges dealing with transportation.
• Drives a customer service environment in providing services.
• Develops financial and operations metrics development and reporting.
• This is a 24/7 operation reporting to the Director of Support Services and may be required to work a varied schedule that includes the ability to drive.
• Regularly meets with transportation providers; Addresses issues and concerns raised by transportation providers.
• Oversee the utilization of programs designed to increase efficiency and productivity (GPS, A1 Transport software, etc.).
• Considers and develops costs of planned programs and keeps within budgets; assessing the return on investment for fleet, transportation, and driver assets and resources.
• Helps managers solve specific transportation issues and resource problems, either on a one-to-one basis or in groups.
• Amends and revises programs as necessary, in order to adapt to the changes that occur in the work environment.
• Relies on experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals. Performs a variety of tasks with a certain degree of creativity.

Requirements/ Experience
• Experience in international industrial transportation positions requiring procurement, contract and property management experiences; managing organizational vehicle fleets
• Requires strong management skills working in an international collaborative, cross-corporate, matrix environment with excellent verbal/written communication skills and effective interpersonal skills and be able to plan and implement strategies
• Strong written and verbal presentation communication skills
• Requires excellent “one-on-one” and group presentation and facilitation skills.
• Must have excellent verbal/written communication skills and effective interpersonal skills
• Highly reliable, independent thinker, team player; resourceful, creative, and display superb initiative attributes.

Education/ Certification Requirements:
Equivalent combinations of training and/or related experience will be considered such as certifications or courses in transportation, economics, and management. Bachelor or Associate’s degree graduate from a recognized accredited University with a major in traffic management, logistics, or physical distribution.

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