Transport chaos

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. It is pathetic how a few cm of wet snow have reduced us to this.

    Supposed to be at a meeting in Londinium this morning so left at 05.30 but now back home.

    First off no road treatment visible at all, even on A roads, so wet snow rapidly packed down to ice. Even with a 4x4 fitted with all terrain tyres had difficulty in places on wet rutted ice and at one point sliding sideways. Some punters had given up and left cars wherever.

    Get to station, fight onto the hell on wheels only to be hurled off train at Woking. South Western trains had given up: signal failures and one of their trains caught fire. (again)

    To make life better O2 mobile network overloaded (again)

    Back to my station after much aggrevation, cannot get out of car park thanks to stuck numpties blocking exit. Humped over curb and out, back onto roads at sub-walking pace.

    Back home to find arrsewipe over the road has backed his Barried up BMW into my garden wall and demolished it.

    Grrrrrr! :x :x :x
  2. I left extra early only to be confronted by an idiot driving at walking pace on roads with no snow on them - no worse than driving in rain.

    By the time I was able to overtake him, I got caught in heavy traffic further down the road.

    If people are so scared of driving in poor weather conditions, stay at home you twunts!
  3. terroratthepicnic

    terroratthepicnic LE Reviewer Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Runners

    Got to Woking station fine this morning, the trains were running a couple of minutes late, but nothing unusual for SWT. Got on the next available train to Waterloo (06:06 4 minutes late) got to waterloo at 08:00.

    All the trains were struggling on a little bit of snow. the driver of the train I was on had to 'reboot' the train 5 times. what really gripped my shit was them turning the bloody heating of. It was bloody freezing sat on the train.

    And I have it all to look forward to on the way home as well.
  4. Then take the posing tyres off. You aren't driving on all terrain you're driving on winter roads, so put winter road tyres on.
    The roads are fine, most of the rest of the world manages without having every last flake of snow removed and replaced with two inches of grit. It's poorly experienced drivers and inappropriate tyres that are the problem.
  5. Black ice while snow was falling...

    Deffo not me being a twunt. You weren't driving a Honda this monring were you?
  6. I got to the station today to come into Londinium. Found that ALL of Southers Trains were delayed or cancelled because of the 5cm of snow we have had overnight in London. Walked from the station and got onto a B-U-S. That is one of those red things that poor people use in London.

    Got to the office to find that 4 of my colleagues (2 of whom use the same train line and live within 3 miles of me) were snowed in and couldn't make it to the office because "the trains had stopped". I have spoken to each of them on the phone, just so they were clear that I had made it in. Lazy pr1cks these Southerners.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Got up this morning at about 10ish, had a shower went to the kitchen made a brew and some porridge. Went back up stairs to the office and started work. Its nice and warm in here.
  8. It's 45 miles by road from home to work although I use public transport which takes about an hour. My worst journey in was the other day, when because of a train cancellation I was 30 minutes late but the journey took, er, one hour.

    I am seen as some kind of superhero for making it: FFS there are people who live in the town where I am based who didn't come in because of the "severe weather". We are also being advised to leave in daylight for 'Elf 'n' Afety reasons.

    All very well for the permanent staff but not for us interim contractors. Why didn't I arrange a daily rate then turn up for three or four hours a day?
  9. Perhaps you could explain the process that causes black ice to miraculously disappear because snow is falling. My knowledge of physics and meteorology suggests that ice is caused by temperature/pressure, not a lack of precipitation.
    It's not people driving too slow I've been pulling out of ditches/hedges/fields/trees/other cars.
  10. Maybe I am lucky today (Wed 13 Jan 10). London SW.

    My buses running - 39 and 156.
    My Underground running - District Line.
    My 'BR' railway (South West Trains) open and trains running to: Waterloo.

    I say: 'Well done Boris Johnson!'. He would have received the 'incoming' if, as normal, London had ground to a half after 20 snow flakes, so he gets the plaudits now.

    Obviously it is much worse south west of London - hard luck! :D
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    No problem here, grit stockpile being used sensibly, staff out clearing paths and tramstops, all working and 100% service available to the public, why and how? Because its run by ex army and proper engineers who keep the bean counters away!
  12. Couldn't agree more! People are flapping for nothing. Fair enough that roads get dangerous when they are not cleared and that one ought to slow down but some people really overdue it. Why on earth they even bother going on the roads is beyond me and I really wish they didn't.
    If you've got a short distance to go then bloody walk - it never killed our ancestors.
  13. There was no black ice. The temperature was above freezing.

    Previously clear (of snow) roads had become wet from a bit of snow falling.

    We are talking about a city centre in the South East, not some rural road in Scotland.

    I also wasn't the only person to overtake this driver. I didn't see anyone else driving this slowly in either direction.

    The guy was a twunt, end of.
  14. It's 16 miles to my office and I have ended up back home. The roads haven't been gritted including A roads, some are closed and having rear wheel drive isn't too helpful!

    It does make me laugh that when I was a kid I used to love snow and I thought the 1st day of this was a nice change, now it's just a complete pain in the arrse.
  15. Loved the way the Government have been slip-sliding around this.

    First they said it was nothing to do with Central Government how the Local Authorities chose to grit/salt the roads.

    Then the PM denied that there was a grit/salt shortage.

    Now Government has ordered the Local Authorities to ration their use of grit/salt...