Translator Opportunites in Int Corps

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Gremlin0790, Nov 14, 2007.

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  1. Best read the stickies first before the usual old cynics on this forum start taking the urine but in short with your stated background and degree studies your arm should well and truly be bitten off by the Corps...provided as the cynics on the site will say - you can prove that you are capable of doing some basic research (i.e. read the sticky).
  2. Get hold of the Int Corps brochure (the larger version), theres "a day in the life" from a linguist who was in Iraq last year, that should give a better idea. Also speak to your Adj and get a visit to chicksands jacked up so you can have a chat with the linguists there.
  3. And check your PMs
  4. - Awesome
    + 23 MI (V) Coy, Edinburgh
  5. DO NOT join the int corps as a Linguist. Real linguists join the ETS, and the int corps will mis-sell you a linguists role.
  6. Lookup OP SAMSON, 2007DIN02-116. Language skills would be a distinct advantage.
  7. Possibly not able to join Op Samson direct from the OTC, wouldn't you think?
  8. Thats if you don't get stuck in an AEC or some other pump role first. Also, it could take you ages to get in the ETS if you're not lucky enough to get in straight from RMAS. It'd be unlucky to end up as a Platoon cmdr in the Duke of Lancs for a few years before transferring. Join the Corps and be employed as an Arabic speaker.
  9. Do you think you should really be discussing this here?

    CPUNK, What think you?
  10. If the student is in the OTC he will have access to DINs. It's the content that's "sensitive" not the title. I don't think this is much of a compromise.
  11. I have just read some of your other posts and I am glad you are not an OPMI(L), but what I do object to is you coming on the Intelligence Corps' board and offering your advice; what do you know about the role of an Intelligence Corps Linguist, you fucking spunk guzzler?
  12. See if you can also take persian, rumour has it it's the way forward for linguists... :roll:
  13. Actually, the better linguists I have encountered in the ETS are ex Int Corps. Many (not all) whom I have met who joined straight as ETS are, to be truthful, not impressive linguists at all. (before the incoming starts- ok, I am the first to acknowledge that there are some notable exceptions)
  14. Hi all,

    I've passed the MLAT and have been offered a 15 month course in the UK, followed by a tour.

    I'm currently REME, but am interested in languages - I speak German fluently already.

    Can anyone tell me what the available options are? No RCMO available at the moment!

    Many thanks.