Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Snail, Nov 5, 2008.

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  2. Can I wear you like a hat?
  3. I'd like to wear your arse as a hat.

    Translation wise, fuck knows. :D
  4. That's shite, I thought he wanted to wear me as a glove puppet.

    Never mind, try harder eh??
  5. Je voudrais vous être mon gant marionnette

    I'd like you to be my glove puppet. Seriously, I would.
  6. Je voudrais être profondément à l'intérieur des boules vous

    I'd like to be balls deep inside you.
  7. [Chimurenga_Invictus] 11:47 pm: ton cul a besoin des frappes des temps en temps
  8. [Chimurenga_Invictus] 11:54 pm: je veux chier sur ta poitrine I haven't got one of them.

    I've got a chien though. Yes, it's ginger.
  9. Escargot, je tiens à vous afin de forage profond que vous avez à me masturber avec votre langue pour me faire éjaculer
  10. Something along the lines of " I'd like to see you on the toilet "
  11. J'adorerais régler vos mamelons
  12. Translated as "I'd like to tweak your nipples"
  13. À se lécher les oreilles serait ma vie complète
  14. I want to completely come over your nipples?