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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by drilller, Mar 31, 2005.

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  1. I know there is some very clever people out there so canyou help.

    I need this translated:

    Kaif takool thalik bil, ana min fadilak anta ain aihamaam ala sadik.

  2. Very roughly - means "Sorry pal, not interested, I'm a married man. Try the 'Rainbow Camel' on Rackadackalacka St, you might have more luck there."

    Who said it to you?
  3. Andy McNab ??
  4. Cheers so far i've got something like:
    How do you say this in, I please _____, where is your friend.

    so any idea what that missing word is.
  5. I got a text from a number beginning with the international code of +964.

    But don't know who it was.
  6. HAHA! I know it's not an offer.
  7. Kaif means "how"

    bil ana min fadlik means "with me please"

    anta means "you"

    ain means "me"

    This is all my Tunisian Berber type Arabic allows.
  8. Driller,

    Surely being in the SAS, like your nice picture suggests, all you would have to do is take it to the Arabic language tutor in Stirling Lines.


    Or maybe you can't get to see him today so you have asked us instead.

  9. The dialling code +964 is the one for Iraq.

    Perhaps the young goat herder you fell in love with in 1991 is trying to get hold of you after all these years.

    You were part of the Bravo Two Zero patrol, weren't you?


    Wouldn't tell you even if I was!!!
  11. I'd love tobein theSAS but I'm not.

    I just like he look of thecap badge there is someSAS lads onhere though
  12. Are you sure? Who are they then drilller? You been chatting with them?
  13. BB told Driller... :roll:
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Not open for further replies.