Translation Help please??

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by POGscribbler, Oct 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi Folks,

    A very cheeky request I know, but I will grease relevant palms with silver (or just grease them in some cases) provide some freebies etc.

    I am taking our product (PocketComms) to the Frankfurt book fair in October, to hopefully find a European, American, South American, Asian, and Australasian distributor.
    To that end I am putting a leaflet together with a series of promotional giveaways to take with me.

    Within it I had considered the following text and wondered if I could draw on the ARRSE throng to help me get the right translation.... see attached courtesy of Babel Fish

    The phrase I am hoping to use is

    "Stuck for words", "Struggling for words" or in a similar vein.

    I ask as having worked along side translators and turps on Ops and in the UK over the last 10 years or so I recognise that things do not always translate across cleanly and the meaning might be lost. So I would appreciate if you could peruse the following and let me know either by these means by PM or through our website if you have any thoughts.

    For background see our website linky below for general gist behind product (and if it is of interest we provide an arrse 10% discount code just enter ARRSE0lE with a zero and a one when prompted)

    with thanks


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  2. While you're waiting for the experts, try using a different term. "Stumped" or maybe even "Speechless" may come up with some sensible results.
  3. Thanks Puttees I have tried a few alternatives but I still can't guarantee the results are accurate without asking an expert or native.

    Sadly my French is better than my German, which is much much better than my Arabic (which is poor, further diluted by recent forays into Dari and Pashtu) .

    My Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Chinese however is non existent.

    with thanks for your thoughts

  4. Is "woerterbehindert" (sorry, can't do the umlaut) a real word?
  5. acl

    acl Old-Salt

    Hoping this isn't a wah ......

    "Stuck for words", "Struggling for words", "Speechless" in spanish is "Sin palabras" or "Estoy sin palabras" (I'm speechless).

    Stuck for words?
    Let our pictures do the talking... ("Sin palabras? deja que nuestras fotos hablen por ti" - in spanish version)

    Excellent idea to be honest, I hope you do well.
  6. Woerterbehindert? No it isn't, definitely not! But I can see where you are coming from.

    One of the problems with translating into German is that very often a short word or phrase like "stuck for words" can be translated from English into German only by using a longer phrase such as "Ich weiss nicht, was ich sagen soll".

    I'll think about this for you.
  7. I've thought about it and think that maybe "sprachlos" might be what you are looking for.

    What do you think?
  8. Thanks very much acl1981 and soleil

    For your thoughts and ongoing thoughts in the meantime.... I will be popping across to see my local chinese take away and indian restaurant to see if they can help too.

    I need to get the finished article to the printers and have sadly left it a little late, hence the panicky mail!

    I will have to get you both a couple when I see you in the the Sports and Social/Mess/Abbots as and when I am there ( I am based there through Psyops)


  9. For the German try: "Ringen um Bedeutung".

    Just a thought.

  10. Don't forget to add the sqaudees "fuktifinomate"
  11. A swing from charity to depravity

    What was I thinking

    Thanks all for each contribution and from each camp.

  12. have you not got a picture of it in your wee book then? :)

    ah, the irony...
  13. Or what about the more common and slightly better alternative: "No tengo palabras"?
  14. Mudo or estupefacto or more appropriate than "estoy sin palabras / no tengo palabras"

    And its España, not Espania.


    Also, Que buena VIDA not viva.

    Ffs doble.