Translation from Spanish South American to English,

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by jimmyoc, Dec 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi All, I am working on a project and have been sent some information written in South American Spanish / Argentine with military terminology , which I need translating into written English, I have tried using google translate and various translation sites and still some of does not make sense, does anyone have good translation skills that can translate into written English, if you do could you pm me with an email address, I have typed out both the Spanish, and English translations on Microsoft word 7, the English just needs correcting.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Bye for now Jimmy
  2. If this is an official project, there are means of getting an official translation-if it is not official then you might try the Chartered Institute of Linguists' website which has links to translation services directrory.
  3. Hi Dev, Thank you for replying, what I am doing is putting a book together on a limited budget, and have managed to get hold of some amazing Argentine defensive maps, but I have now managed to get two people to translate the written material for me, so all is well.
    bye for now Jimmy
  4. The defensive maps can't have been that good ... they lost. In all seriousness if its annotations on a map you want sorting out it shouldn't be a problem - check your PMs.
  5. Jimmy - if you need any additional assistance on this project, drop me a pm.

  6. Hi, Marlboro Man, its ok, a gentleman by the name of "Combatintman" is in the process of doing it, and very good translations they have proved to be, but thank you for your kind offer it is appreciated,
    bye for now Jimmy
  7. Hi Jimmy - tks for your reply, good luck with the project - not surprised Google didn't quite manage translations !
    Combatintman probably has some time in HQBFFI under his belt !
  8. Si Senora Der Dego
    Forte Lorris Ina Ro
    Demaint Lorris Demis Trux
    Fullo Cowsen Hensen Dux
  9. Not quite ... JSPSU in 03-04 ... but close enough for Government work. I did the Spanish Linguist course in 86-87 and a Belize tour in 88.