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Translate 1.5km time to 1.5 mile time?

If you can cover 1500m in 6min 52sec, roughly what would be the time for mile and a half?

Yes, this is me, and yes, I can keep going for a few miles at a time... just no clue about exact times and distances since allergic to running tracks / stopwatches etc. The time above done at a one-off fitness assessment doo-dah.

Thanks :)
Along a bit of the Serpentine (straightish), turn left across the bridge, left again, and then straightish again to where the end was.

Told you I don't 'do' running tracks. Or cross-country...

Blimey. Thought it would be ages before anyone noticed this! Sunday and all. 8O
Geordie_Blerk said:
Oracle said:
Roughly 11 mins 05 seconds for 1.5 miles at that pace.

Clever? - nope
Bored? - yup

With that sort of time you could be the fittest person in the RAF :)
Me? - RA f*ckin' F !! Right, outside now. Never been a crab w*nker, never will be. Come on then outside.

Oh f*ck. That was a bite wasn't it. Bugger.

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