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The chap in my local council who is responsible for the Military Covenant is looking at transition and how they can assist.
One of his ideas is to set up a linkedin group for use by the local Chamber of Commerce and those leaving the service.

My questions are:

Is it a good idea, given the number of linkedin groups out there already.

How does he make it visible to those leaving, especially those who do not have a linkedin presence.


There is, already, a vast range of service groups (serving, ex-serving, job links etc.) for British Armed Forces on Linked In, I would suggest he started there.
LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. The downside which gets on my Tits, is profile photos of guys n girls in uniform with guns etc etc. Civvies will be put of by that immeadiatly.

My advice, shirt and tie!
For a LinkedIn group to be of value, it needs regular content posting on it, which takes effort and a bit of group leadership from someone. Just starting a group isn't enough; there are lots of moribund groups on LinkedIn with zero traffic.

As others have said, there are already plenty of ex-military groups and a number aimed specifically at transition, but very few of them are local. I reckon a good, local group could be very useful, particularly if it was linked to some physical networking too.

I like the idea of linking with the local Chamber of Commerce, but I reckon your council should talk to other local networking groups too, including the commercial ones like BNI & 4Networking. Also have a look at MeetUp as a means of running physical meetings.

Slightly different I know, but I am very involved in my local PMI chapter. We use a LinkedIn group and MeetUp to run the whole thing. We meet once a month and always get more than 50 attendees.

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