Transition from Blank to Live Fire

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Me!_Amph!!, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Help.

    Need some advice on how to handle the transition from blank fire training, to live fire.

    Im conducting low level infantry training in May and the guys will be using blank during an exercise period. At the end of the exercise period they wil tab to the ranges where they will then fire an APWT.

    I know that there is a need to do a transitional period from blank with a delceration then go on to live fire on the range, what i would like is some practical advice and also advice in the pams as where to reference from.

    There will be an EASP for the Exercise period and a RASP for the APWT. How and where is the Transition covered within these?

    Many thanks
  2. remember to remove your BFA.
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Easier blank to live than the other way around.

    At endex on the blank phase, debomb and take a declaration as normal. At this stage remove BFA and replace the blank mags in webbing with empty live mags. (all covered in EASP)

    Now move to the range admin area, carry out NSPs, check webbing, magazines, ear defence as usual and crack on with the range. (as per Pam 21 and RASP)

    For stage management purposes, a clearly defined end to blank and start to live phases (separate admin areas, short tab between them etc) will help establish the idea in the soldiers mind that the phase has changed.

    Pam 21 not to hand so can't help you there!
  4. Duke mate thanks.

    Is my first time in being in controll of this sort of training transition.

    Was planing on puting in a tab from thr harbour area to the ranges so can do the transition from balnk there, and the change to live at the range.

    Thanks again
  5. Another way for belt and braces purposes would be be to withdraw all ammunition as the two can not be mixed and to have the holding area prior to the live fire admin area, bearing in mind with the new mags, never the twain should match.
  6. Another way would be to get someone who has passed a Skill At Arms course to show you how to read a pamphlet!
  7. Ever helpful comments, this isnt the naafi. I wasn't aware that there is a SAA union rep.

    Agreed with The Duke, two sperate phases declare off Ex, declare onto the range. Two seperate clearances, keep the areas apart, I would distribute live ammo at the range, job done. Good to see that some take the plunge to try and make trg better for the toms.
  8. Are special mags used nowadays for blank? I've seen some painted in yellow stripes but assumed they were just ordinary mags with paint.
  9. And since when did the Pamphlet cover 'best practice', which is what is being sought here.
  10. Thanks for that Pling!

    Fact that I am a SAA Instructor normaly means that i do know how Pam 21 works. But as stated above was looking for some advice on how people have done this in the past...
  11. The fact is mate PAM 21 will dictate a course of action and you are quite right to follow the supplement in RED, however, it will be your range as RSO and you are quite right to ask for a spot of support. NEVER BE AFRAIAD TO ASK!! well in mate.