Transiting through America

Discussion in 'Travel' started by vinniethemanxcat, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Starting to do my yearly squirm trying to get to Ottawa for a reasonable price.

    Most of the "cheap" deals, Newcastle to Ottawa are offered by KLM.

    Newcastle to Amsterdam, then Detroit to Ottawa.

    I've never been to America, so am wondering do I stay in transit, or do I have to enter through immigration, then back out to Canada?

    You hear horror stories of awkward officials that it's very off- putting.......
  2. According to a visa forum I'm also on, there's no such thing as just transiting through the US any more, everyone who lands has to go through immigration even if they're getting straight back on a flight.

    Not sure how accurate the gen is but if it's true then assuming you're coming back the same way then make sure your trip's no longer than 90 days.
    You only get 90 days visa waiver in the US which includes time spent in Canada so if you try going back through the States over that 90 days then you're get an automatic ban from travelling visa free to the US if you ever fancy going there on holiday.
  3. Trust me, Mac knows ;-)
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  4. I'll be hoping to make it to Canada on day, always wanted to go. Looks like amazing scenery and I have distant relations there.

    Dunno if I'll be getting there through the US though, that depends on the embassy when I go see them
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  5. Last time I went through Detroit to Canada I went through immigration. Checked passport to be certain and the Detroit immigration stamps are staring back at me.
  6. Did you have to do an ESTA before going, something I should have mentioned in my first post.

    All travellers entering the US on the Visa Waiver Programme have to do an online ESTA application first, costs $14 and lasts 2 years for multiple entries.

    Lots of scam sites offering to do it for a price but it's easy enough to do yourself.
  7. We booked a Motorhome was very good.
  8. No "just signing the form on the plane" these days??
  9. For starters dont fly from Newcastle its very expensive, try Manchester it better priced even if you add in the train fare and if you need it over night digs.

    Have you tried skyscanner for flight prices.?

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  10. Can't link to it on my phone but unfortunately it doesn't work that way. Time spent in Canada, Mexico or the Carribean counts as part of the 90 days. Otherwise all the naughty people would just stay their 90 days, nip over the border and then come back with a clean slate.

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  11. Be careful doing the ESTA. There's a lot of con sites out there that charge extra is the official site & costs $14
  12. One tip: Do not dither when getting off the plane and through to immigration, race to the front of your passenger group, get to as near the front of the herd as possible. We had a problem with the nipper one time and ended up at the back of the herd and it took nearly 3 hours to clear immigration.........standing, with a bored 4 year old, no food, no drinks and if we hadn't been at the back anyway we would have lost our place when we took the nipper to the bathroom.

    Also, I have been at a couple of airports after arriving where some customs lert has insisted on x-raying every incoming queue at immigration, then a queue at the one x-ray machine. Well why should they care, they are there for an 8 hour shift anyway.

    And stay behind the white line until called forward, not even half a step passed the line...........they get funny.
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  13. I wasn't a good boy, therefore I belatedly found out as much as I could.

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  14. Just had a quick look on expedia - Air France offer newcastle paris ottowa - similar price to manchester detroit/philli ottowa - no need to bother with USA ! I too suffer with flights from NCL - rip off merchants !!!
  15. May it be suggested Manchester to Montreal, prices start from £624.00 return. Then get the Air Canada Express flight to Ottawa - booking ticket on arrival. Flight time Montreal to Ottawa is a maximum of 30 minutes.
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