I wouldn't consider those to be unacceptable discriminatory conditions as I presume they apply to all.

The only point to double check on here is what frequency constitutes regularly? From about one year on from having had surgery/taking related meds, a once a year blood test is the only scheduled check, for those who have not shown any complications of course.
Not unacceptable, certainly although some could consider it unfair as someone may have to fill that billet in a front line unit/ship with no GP access and any other requirements, but then again I could say the same for those still serving who have type 2 diabetes which I would consider in most cases as self inflicted.


I used to play badminton in my next door neighbours garden.
We acquired some old cam net and a couple of poles to string it up.

His Mrs had a cracking arse and spent most of the time bent over picking the cock up.:hump:

17 Sport and Pastimes Wksp REME Marchwood.
I salute your most splendid use of double entendre, the comedy vehicle of kings.
I salute your most splendid use of double entendre, the comedy vehicle of kings.
You asked for a double entendre, so he gave you one


BBC News | SCOTLAND | Surgeon defends amputations

Been doing that for years in the Republic of Scotland. I remember reading about some woman in America who "identified" as blind and she got someone to drip acid into her eyes and now she "couldn't be happier". It's a strange world out there.
The surgeon did cause a medical ethics shit storm. A line was drawn at indulging those mentally ill folk who wanted their heads chopped off.

Other forms of assisted suicide remained legal elsewhere.
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And here she is , wearing a versatile little black number, good for parties or more formal occasions.
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Seriously though if you'd put your whole being into designing ladies shoes would you want this model to showcase them.
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I for one wouldn't - if I designed ladies shoes. A cerebral palsy victim who can't walk is hardly going to show off one's shoes to best effect. Slippers or UGG boots might be the best footwear for him/her/it.
That's a bit of a bonk thing to say Dr SnagySnags
It is very much based on poor life style choices and is very much a Western developed world disease. I can certainly confirm that those serving whom have it of whom I see as a scab lifter fit the physical criteria, and based on their medical history have a very unhealthy diet, drink too much alcohol and do little to no exercise. Many are allowed to continue to serve (many SNCO's and some older officers) in a reduced capacity taking up billets that others could use as down time.

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