Transgender Six Year Old Wins Bathroom Case

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DesktopCommando, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Transgender Six-Year-Old Wins Bathroom Case

    I thought of putting this in the current affairs area, but knew it would get moved soon, enough.

    Really can a person know that young before Hormones start going crazy ?
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  2. You could tell any 6 year old it was a girl and it'd act like one. What the fuck is wrong with people?
  3. The chinese plan to poison us all by using hormone simulating plasticisers and mutagenic chemicals in cheap plastics would seem to be paying off!

    Mum would get it!

    I suspect that Coy is trying to be the little girl his mum always wanted.
  4. The parents sounds like complete cocks who shouldn't be allowed to raise kids.

    A kid would believe he was a cauliflower if you told him it enough.
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  5. Maybe they got a job lot of little girl's clothes cheap and don't want to see them going to waste?
  6. I may be old fashioned, but I suspect that a few good hidings, a bag of young ferrets and an old airpistol would sort him out!
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  7. I disagree. Didn't understand the feelings then but I knew Emma Peel would get some if I knew what it was and Lyn Edwards did grass me up for copping a feel on the "sharra" back from Blackpool.
  8. Only in Septic land.

    Pissing in the gene pool, that lot.
    She/he is/going to be one ugly munter with baseball catchers mitt hands in a pretty frock.

    6 years old FFS!!
  9. There's a 'girl' ay my eldest son's school who's been living as a boy for several years. He was once good friends with 'her'

    It started with short hair, then boys clothes (including underwear, her mum is quite open about it) and has now stretched to everyone expected to call her 'him/he'

    We know that she approached the local Secondary school (in our town there's only one) with regards to being treated as a boy with regards to toilets, changing rooms, being addressed, etc. and the school, IMO, rightly told her to p*ss off.

    We thought that once puberty kicks in, she may change, but so far it appears to have no effect. The mum is painfully slim, and the daugther has these traits too, so there's no feminine appearances to distinguish gender.

    Laughably she's a little shit and at one time had to be reprimanded at Primary school for attempting to bully my son and others. Being that she's a girl (obviously) my son and the others were reluctant to give her a smack to fuck off, so she continued to push her luck until is got reported. Had I known I would have told him to batter her.

    Edited to add: It started around 8/9 and now she's 13
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  10. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Is the kid in the wheelchair being brought up as a Transformer !
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  11. See the post below yours, As for gene Pools at least ours isn't wearing Burberry
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  12. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    How did you know about my formative years?

    Seriously, I know a t/g, and so a bit about it. It's a complete head fuck for them living in (usually) a man's body, and the 'cure' is just as much of a head fuck. The choice for them is to live feeling different to most people or looking different to most people. The surgery is rarely convincing and the NHS make them jump through some serious hoops including, I think 2 years living as a woman ... that can't be very nice.

    I can't see for the life of me how a child can decide to be transgendered, so I'd suggest that the parents want fucking jailing. Or stoning.

  13. Sorry mate, chavs don't go in for that sort of thing; simple economics no kids no child allowance or free flat.

    Chavs may be unintelligent but they are possessed of a high level of animal cunning when it comes to playing the welfare system.

    Edited to add some poetry:

    'They fuck you up
    Your mum and dad'.
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