Transgender chickens

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. Hello chaps!

    I was just eer... searching the internet for something & I came across this:

    BBC News - Scientists solve half-cock chicken mystery

    Apparently it's a bird & a bloke chicken all in one! It'd be interesting (from a scientific point of view) to see what its meat & two veg look like. Does it have a Mr winky or a flange? Or pehaps it has both? Due to genetic research how long will it be before mankind adopts this technology? It would create an entirely new meaning to the term "go f* yourself".

    We'd be able to experience what it's like to have a female orgasm & vice versa! The more perverted amongst us could spend the day frigging furiously & then have the next half w*nking silly without either region getting too sore. Perhaps it would be possible to shag & get shagged at the same time without being gay? I wonder what it would be like if both parts came at the same time? I'm sure no-one's thought of that since Heliogabalus.

    Not to mention you could go out on the pish & not have to worry about pulling cos you'd get your own fanny when you got home too- brilliant!

    The opportunities are almost limitless!

  2. What the fuck were you looking for?
  3. More to the point where's this cunts O2 tag gone!
  4. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    Site upgrade means all O2 Brigade have been rehabbed.
  5. I'm just gonna repeat futurebootie's point...what on earth were you searching for??
  6. I draw your attention to the 'rate this thread' option at the top - in the absence of the OT tag, we'll just have to use this instead (it works; I've just used it)

  7. I am, however impressed that someone who is not a poultry farmer would take the time to study the genitals of poultry. I would never, ever have taken the time to do that.

    Does anyone know if Dashing Chap is Japanese. I have heard they like chickens, love chickens actually.
  8. You were searching for weird transgender stuff, hoping to crack one off on the keyboard whilst viewing some well hung chapess taking it like a young catholic priest and then you got all worked up over mutant chicken genitalia.......are you in REME by any chance?
  9. C,
    The only thing Duffing chips has been in is his mum...just as strange as REME though
  10. ... now available with large fries for only £1.99 at your local KFC.
  11. And what is strange about REME then?
  12. 'n grai website unrhyw aelodau!
  13. Which comes first? The cock or the chicken?
  14. Suck mine and see, I think you'll find it to be fowl!
  15. Chicks with dicks, presumably.