transformers film

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by easy-wan-kenobi, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. awesome. even the bird liked it. its not gone with the wind but it does exactly what it set out to do

    go see it.
  2. It looks like even Paris Hilton would be intellectually offended by it. I don't think I could bear wasting money on such a blatant formula-led piece of mindless shiite. The whole film seems like a really cheesy parody.

    Saw the Simpsons Movie yesterday. Pretty good and the kids loved it.
  3. Agreed
  4. How old are you? 10?
  5. Cow

    Cow LE

    Got slated on Radio1. Looks like fun!
  6. I grew up with the cartoons and the film does it justice, I felt like a 6 year old all over again! The bit where Prime and Megatron go toe to toe is awesome. Its not Issac Asimov, but it not really meant to be.
  7. I never saw transformers originally, does this mean that I would not understand it/like it?

  8. No its still an enjoyable film in its own right. If 20 foot robots beating the s*** out of each other appeals to you go and see it, you just wont have the nostalgia factor.
  9. Yeah I think il go see it, il have to wait for the Brum movie for the nostalgia aspect! :D

    Thanks AM
  10. Poison Dwarf, what an incredibly joyless person you are! You sound like the critic in the Telegraph who said:

    "The film is best enjoyed without one's critical faculties being hindered by worries about concepts such as subtlety, wit or intelligence"


    "Transformers practically screams at you to switch to auto-moron setting"

    If you want Jean de Florette, go and see that. If you want to enjoy yourself, go and see Transformers. Don't go to see Transformers if you really can't enjoy a film if it does not have depth of characterisation, motivational angst and emotional development - you really need to take yourself a bit less seriously.

    I also note that you haven't actually seen the film, but have no problem judging it 'sight unseen'. It's fun - go on, treat yourself, switch of your literary mind and enjoy yourself for 2 hours!
  11. Seconded, Its not even based on a book, its based on a cartoon FFS!
  12. just got back from watching it a while ago. has to be one of the top films since lord of the rings. the graphics of the transformers was so good you could forgive yourself for thinking that robots that turn into cars and tanks where using this planet to stage a war. the perfect mix of action and comedy.
    a film you could see again and again and still see fit to buy the DVD and game!! 9/10 the only thing that could top this film is transformers 2...
  13. How wet are you?

    Soaking?, good fcuk off.

    Thought it was good, reliving my youth, quality!
  14. why would anyone waste money on going to see such a shite film !?
  15. Well Just took the boy to see it and thought it was great, Lance_Bombardier have you actually seen it? Good action film, take it you where expecting some worhty Oscar winning epic?