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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mattishealed, Jun 22, 2012.

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  1. I am in the process of joining the TA (Scottish Transport Regiment), but I'm thinking I would actually like to be a regular.

    So, if I went down the AFCO, would they have any problems with me already in the process?

    I haven't sent off an application form, I have just filled in an interest form and I am getting fit for it. But I have every intention of going forward with it.

    Would I need to let the TA Centre know?

    Another thing is - I tried to enlist a few times, Once for the Royal Marines and once for the RAF, but my application was rejected on medical grounds (these medical grounds [hirschsprungs disease] do not apply for the Army apparently).

    I was in the process of joining the army once before now but due to personal family reasons had to stop the application mid-way through.

    Would this hold me back?


    Also, what Regiments are considered 'Line Regiments'? Is there a list? And will I be allowed to choose my corps in the army or would it be 'put a preference and we'll see what we can do'?

    Many thanks, I am very serious about joining up and once I meet the B.M.I target (4 lbs to go) I'll be straight over to the AFCO.

    Thanks again guys.
  2. Hope it all helps,
    Good luck fella.
  3. Take your form into the ACIO, and instead of handing it to the scruffy fat **** in the corner (probably munching a greggs) pass it to the schvelt, clean shaven, immaculately turned out, steely-eyed dealer of death next to him.
  4. ACIO your latest posting then?
    Second dude mentioned, for sure.
  5. He's full of shit

    Hirschsprung's disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  6. Thats exactly what I was thinking, are biscuits fruit still in rats?

  7. How am I full of shit? Perhaps you would like me to refer you to the surgeon who performed the surgery that cured me when I was 10 years old?

    Tell you what, I had a lifetime of shit vacating my body via colostomy bags whilst suffering from it, so for me to be full of the stuff is pretty unlikely.

    Nope, love a hard graft, it was the illness, I was P8.

    And the personal family problems were about a year and half ago and everything's rosy with it.

    Cheers to everyone who helped.
  8. Matt, PM sent,
  9. Replied, cheers mate. Apologies.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.