Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cvrtgunner, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. can anyone shed any light into transfering with rank will i loose my rank when phase two traing comes around,will i get treated like a recruit,will my wages drop,will i get my rank back at the end of it all know it seams alot but these are on my mind will my wife also stay where i am based till i recive my new post tryed armynet but cant find anything to help me out and my cmo is away till after xmas ta
  2. I transfered to QARANC as a full screw, kept rank and pay.
  3. If you come across as thick to your next trade as you do to us, then yes, you're going to be treated like a crow. Learn to spell and construct legible sentences, ask relevant questions and MAYBE you'll get answers that don't end with 'F*ck off, you f*cking F*ucktard'. Like that one.
  4. someone spend too much time nerding it up grow up **** face who cares about spelling looks like you understood what i put prick
  5. Skint boy I think that was uncalled for, he is asking for help not an O levle in English.
    Anyone out there know the answers??
  6. its ok you allways get people stuck up there own arrses
  7. Its all on an individual basis depending on what job/rank you were before and what your going into. I know a few people who kept rank/seniority and others who went down a rank however as far as i believe you cant lose pay, you will have to check with pay guru's. A lad I know is transferring at the moment to dog handler and loses his L/Cpl but stays on his pay but treads water on his pay scale until it catches up.

    Your new MCM desk officer will decide on slots in your new job because if no vacancies are there you cant be seen to take a higher rank if not the experience in that job.
  8. Give us a bit more info, like current rank/payband/transferring too and i am sure one of the many on here will be able to help you.
  9. sorry should have put that up i am a lcpl on pay band 9 of 9 looking at going armd engineers thanks
  10. CVR it is down to the Corps you are going to however I wouldn't expect you would lose your LCpl to drop to Spr.

    I would expect you to stay on the same pay or at least mark time for 2 years.

    You should also be aware that transfers are currently taking up to a year dependant on how short the receiving Corps are.

    Hope this helps. :wink:

  11. I suppose it was rather harsh, it's not his fault. :D

    To reiterate though - this site is populated by the drunk, the old, the angry and the bold, who routinely hunt foul mouthed, walting chavscum and eat them for breakfast. By thinking about what he's actually writing (or asking a mate to help if he's struggling) he will come across better to a broader spectrum of people, some of whom may actually give him the answers he needs.
  12. I was thinking the opposite. I'm assuming (by your avatar, user name and location) that you are already Armd, so going into Armd Engrs you are probably going to have a good percentage of the skills that trade group already requires (i.e looking after and driving armour).

    Hope you're stong, reflaking a 1.5 tonne practice Python hose is loads of fun. :D
  13. only seen python once in bastus during life fireing i am thinking more trojan as i am all ready challenger 2 trained to the max apart from a comanders cse
  14. I transfered from 1 R HAMPS to RMP as a Cpl. Kept rank and seniority upon transfer, but had to complete MP Class 2 course (the DTB at Werl) within 6 months of transfer or I would have had to revert to LCpl rank.
  15. :eek: Transfer is easy depending if the receiving cap badge want you...
    if they want your skills bad enough you can find yourself moving across within 2 months. it only took me 7 weeks. Main thing is once you have decided to do it, do it , and put the paperwork in. Its the thing that takes forever. Cmo, Losing mcm div, recieving mcm div, losing unit, clearing, new unit arrivals. Blah de Blah... :D