Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by extankie, Apr 28, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of anyone transfering back to thier origianl corps. Is it possible? Taking into account there is no need for re-trade training etc.
  2. Yes - very rare though. I know of one REME guy who went to the AGC(SPS) - decided it was cr*p and went back to the REME a while later. I think there is a time bar that you must complete first though.
  3. Thanks.. I've nearly completed my time bar, only 5 months left, so I've pu t the paperwork in now so it should be completed in time for the time bar. They say it has to be in the service interest, surely keeping a trained soldier in the service is better than losing him to civvie street, added to the fact that I am over the 13 yr point of service, so retrading is a little unrealistic.
  4. When you go back..........will you change your name to ex-maureen?
  5. Maybe..Is your name Biscuits_AB, because like them, you're full of shit!!!
  6. You transferred into the SPS as you weren't up to the standard in your own unit and hoped that it would be an easy route to promotion for you.

    A failed tankie and now a failed clerk?

    I think that it's you who's full of shit you waster.

    Ever thought that perhaps you may be more suited to burger flipping?
  7. LOL.... handbags, ladies, fifty paces....steady.....turrrrrrrrrrnn
  8. Handbags? Is he considering a transfer to the QAs as well?
  9. mmm.... now if I was booted out, then a failure maybe. Full of assumptions aswell as shit it seems Biscuits. Who mentioned SPS, not I.
    Now I can only assume your primary job is an arse, but like you I may be wrong.
    Why is it if someone asks a simple question, people feel the need to answer with a load of shite? Looking at most of your posts, I'm probably right after all.... ARSE it is.
  10. OK Monkeyboy,whatever you say, but just make sure that you switch off the photocopier before you go.

    Booted out has nothing to do with it monkeyboy. You took the soft option as you had no prospects in your last trade. Now that you've found that you can't get a promotion in the RMP, you're hoping to go back. What for? You had no prospects there so why should things have changed. The technology may have changed and all your former colleagues are moving up the promotion ladder, but you are still the same tube who bad mouthed your last unit as you were leaving it for supposed greener fields. F*cked up there didn't you?

    Every post you have made on this site is a whine about you not liking the Army.

    You are a waster. You were a waster in your last trade, you are a waster in your current trade.

    Try civvy street. They might even be interested in your war stories about 'when I was a tankie.......this wouldn't have happened in the the tankies we did this........'

    Would you happen to be Welsh? Why don't you just become ex- squaddie?
  11. An ex- tankie in the AGC, not getting promoted and fed up, more that probably a constant whinger, started off slagging his old mob down and can now be heard constantly whining about his new mob..................wonder who that could be then?

    Anybody got any ideas?
  12. Well Biscuits_shite, you seem to know me so well, so lay your cards on the table ....who the **** are you. Dont hide behind a name. Tell me to my face. I'm sure I'd appreciate you're honesty. Or is it this so called man's army has no honesty just bullshitting *******. By the way I may be Welsh does that help you figure me out. Come on it's not too difficult....extankie, joined AGC (RMP), now there can't be too many guys around that fit that description. Oh by the way Full screw on transfer....just too help a little.
  13. Sometimes a wild stab in the dark results in a scream. Looks like I got one!

    I've just had a PM though from someone who does know you to say that you were not a full screw on transfer, you were a Lance Jack and apparantly you have problem with computers? You got into some bother? Means b*gger all to me fella.

    But a cough to being Welsh...........priceless.
  14. I only said I may be Welsh.... Lance Jack on transfer, obviously that person doesnt know me. And about the computers well thats news to me too. So whoever PM'd you must be bull shitting.
  15. Or perhaps you are. You whining Welsh p**f.