Transfers within the Army

Having looked at and read in soldier mag, i gather the army is keen on keeping trained soldiers who are becoming disalusioned with their current trade/employment.

I also understand that units hold a list of job's that are currently undermanned

I have hit a brick wall with my efforts to track this down, and my reporting chain is being very unhelpful (no suprises there then)

So, what jobs are available, is the upper age limit to transfer still 30 and what are the most popular choices?

looking forward to the feedback


Incidently, i'm not a crow, not downgraded, not a trouble maker and i'm not asking this for a giggle. :D
No upper age limit on transfers, unless it's trade specific. Rank ceiling is normally Cpl, although again this can be very trade specific.

Where do your transfer interests lie? Tech trades? mundane stuff?

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