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If you join as a paratrooper SE Paratroop can you transfer to Germany or Gibraltar or do you have to be SE Infantry i.e Rifles.

I'm intrigued in what a SE paratroop is

However if the question is

"If I joined the Parachute Regiment, would I be based in Germany or Gibraltar" the answer is no, if you want to be based in Germany you need to join a Regiment already there but considering the draw down from Germany then there really isn't any point bothering. As for Gib, they have their own regiment full of Gib people
SE Paratroop is a term on my Candidate jobs list. There is SE Paratrooper or SE Infantryman. If you were in the army and moved to Gibraltar could you transfer to the Regiment?
Ah SE may stand for Specialist Employment or something similar.

I really don't get what you are asking, if you were in the army you wouldn't move to Gibraltar, you would live where the regiment was based, you may visit on exercise but that's it.
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