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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Oct 20, 2009.

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  1. what's the chances of transferring to a new capbadge during this state all us fat bounty hunting stabs are in. the reasons why i ask is because im a fully trained and traded soldier in the signals and want to go on tour. i was seriously thinking of transferring to the infantry before this 6 month stand down. Has anyone got a clue if the infantry would take me in even though most units have are in a wee bit of situation.

    first post be gentle
  2. I'm in a similar position to the creature other than the fact that Im not yet traded.
  3. How about contacting your local Inf Unit and express and interest of mobilising and see if you can get attached to them. Transfering will take ages.
  4. Interesting idea, I wasn't aware this was even an option. how would that stand for someone like myself that has yet to get traded?


  5. Define "ages"... took about 5 weeks from me walking in the door of my new unit (having had some time off from my old one for my house move and new job) to being fully transferred.

    May, of course, be worse with nobody around to do paperwork...

    Worth contacting your local inf unit though, and seeing what they say.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Transferring won't take ages, but retraining might. As a minimum you will need to do the Inf weekends (7-9) plus CIC before you are a trained Inf soldier.

    Inf units do not have R Signals PIDs, and cannot therefore attach people for MTD purposes. He could not do any paid training with them, mobilising or not.

    Transfer because you want to be in the Inf, not because you hope it will get you around the budget cuts - most units will be able to take you on the books. Whether you can train with them or not is a question only the unit can answer.
  7. If you want to get a tour asap joining the infantry is the worst thing you can do. You will have to complete the 3 range weekends in addition to which you will need to do CIC. Move to a unit which still has a requirement for signals.
  8. We have been told by our grown ups that all our permanent and civvi staff are still gona be in so there's no reason why the paperwork side of life can't be sorted in the 6 months we will be off training.
  9. Range w/es?
    surely TSC(Inf) 7, 8 & 9?
  10. interesting ideas. as a trained soldier who has already done the recruit training and trade I thought I would only have to do the CIC. i have done the 6 weekends and 2 weeks at cmsr which i thought meant no need for the infantry weekends as you cover most of the same topics through the 2 weeks. but if this is the case i will do it. "Dodging mtds", i think not i thought if im going to do things at c1 why not do the infantry which i find more challenging than in the back of the debt.....0 say again all before cnut. moreover i would like to go on tour with the infantry.
  11. I'm not infantry mate- forgot what they're called! Cheers
  12. All in all it would still be do-able in the next 6 months though.
  13. well i suppose there is no harm done ringing around infantry units near me and finding out........unless your civilian clerk is like mine poor darling acts and looks 80 years old, as you can picture she can be a bit forgetful. to be truthful gents if the transfer was to take ages, I am sure it wont be a problem me as i have got 6 months. just like the rest off you.......probably
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Have you asked about mobilisation opportunities in your current capbadge?

  15. msr. yes I have brought it up with my psi's but they told me they have not got anything specific for the signals and would let me know. however thinking there must be something out there to do I felt personally the psi's were being jack and didn't want to dive down and get more information for me.

    driver/signaller....road sweeper.....shoe shiner . there must be some mobilisation job for a Siggy